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Has anyone used the new baby sleep book The Sensible Sleep Solution?

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  • Has anyone used the new baby sleep book The Sensible Sleep Solution?

    Hi there
    I'm in the SE of SA and a friend of mine in Adelaide told me about a new book The Sensible Sleep Solution. I've read a bit about it but wondered if theres anyone out there who has actually read it??? Need some sleep....

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    I think this book was reviewed as part of the reviewer panel recently. Check out the reviews part of the site for the details.

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      Thank you I think I will give it a go- just read the reviews.


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        I've read this book after a friend recommended it and it really is a lifesaver for tired mums and dads! I love how it is broken up into different age sections so you only have to read which part is relevant. It gives great suggestions and helps you understand what might be going on with bubs, and as a first time mum it was awesome!
        It has become the present I give to all new mummy's I know now.


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          How do we read,reviews on bubhub?


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            I haven't read it but am going to order it - one of the girls in my due group works in the area and it was her colleagues that produced the books. I have heard it is full of SAFE, wonderful and practical suggestions?

            OP - have you found it confusing? unhelpful?