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7 month sleep struggle HELP!!

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  • 7 month sleep struggle HELP!!

    Since moving DS into his own room about a week ago he is struggling to go to sleep at night. In the past if he missed his third nap he would drop off to sleep during his final feed. Now, he is almost impossible to keep at the breast for this feed and he cries and flutters his eyes...he just wont relax. It has thrown or bedtime routine really out and last night he became hysterical. He is also beginning to wake earlier from his day sleeps. His routine was up at 7am, nap 9-11, 1-3, short catnap 4.30-5pm but then it started to seem like too much sleep. so I dropped the short 3rd sleep. Now with shorter day sleeps should I re-introduce the 3rd catnap? I know he is tired at bedtime, perhaps over tired? I thought it was anxiety about the room change but I have tried spending longer with him, introducing a story, song etc but nothing seems to work. Last night was really awful, he was SO wound up...THe problem is the night. Once he is asleep everything else is normally fine, the dream feed is normal and most often he sleeps through and wakes up happy and goes off to sleep for his day naps happy. PLEEEEESE HELP!!!! I hope this post makes sense. I am quite upset. Thanks for reading

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    Our DS was in his own room from the beginning and it took several weeks for him to get used to being home and to his new environment.

    Maybe, your little one just needs a little time to adjust to the new environment and feel safe and secure in his new space.

    Hope it settles soon.