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Sleeping with a dummy

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  • Sleeping with a dummy

    I am mum to 5 month old boy who has almost out grown the bassinette that he sleeps in beside our bed at night. I am dreading moving him to his cot in his own room because he has become dependant on his dummy to sleep.
    At the moment he wakes between 4 and 8 times a night to have his dummy replaced and instantly goes back to sleep. He sleeps in his cot during the day and it isn't and option to bring his cot into our room.
    I've tried getting him to settle with out his dummy (on advice from child maternal health nurse who said let him cry), but he gets hysterical and when I finally give in and give him his dummy his body relaxes, he closes his eyes and instantly goes to sleep (with sobbing breaths from crying).
    I am dreading having to get up just to replace his dummy (he doesn't feed between 9pm to 5am). Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I have 3 kids and they all have had or still have a dummy for sleeping. What I have found works really well for me is for is to have about 4 dummies in the cot with my child so it is pretty easy for them to grab one if they wake up during the night.

    Given your baby is 5 months old it might take a couple of months before this might work, but it has worked extremely well for me. There is no way my kids would have settled without a dummy. My son is 5 and he gave up the dummy pretty easily at 3 by going cold turkey.

    In addition, things might improve once you move your son to a cot. He could be getting too big for basinet and might be bumping the sides while sleeping.



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      Grace was the same, but her cot is in our room. I can't remember at what age she started to put it in her mouth herself, it might have been when she started sitting, but she did eventually do it for herself. I also leave heaps of dummies in the cot for her to find in the middle of the night.


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        Thanks for the advice

        At the moment I wrap him as well so I may have to try and wean him off that. I think that will be easier than getting rid of the dummy.


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          Becciboo, you boy might be off his dummy by now. But if he isn't have you tried one of those dummy chains/clips. We still have to get up during the night when it falls where he can't reach but its not as many times as we were prior to the chain. Plus in the dark it is easier to find when it is attached to the chain.