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Useful and thoughtful gifts for new mum of premmie baby?

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  • Useful and thoughtful gifts for new mum of premmie baby?

    Hey all,

    A friend of mine has just had a little premmie (33 weeks) via emergency c-section, after the most horrible, stressful pregnancy.

    Does anyone have any ideas on a gift (for mum) that would be really useful given her circumstances?

    If you've had a premmie what gift would you appreciate?

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    Does she have to travel far or stay away to visit her baby?


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      I would suggest things like vouchers for house cleaning, meal delivery services, groceries etc. You can do home cooked meals for their freezer. If they're spending lots of time at the hospital I'm sure they would appreciate coming home to an easy but healthy dinner.

      You could even do personal vouchers for services you can provide yourself. For example if they have other children you could have a voucher for babysitting, that kind of thing.


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        What M'LadyEm said!

        Also some 'selfcare stuff.

        Nice hand cream - the aircon &a constant hand washing makes your skin so dry.

        A batch of lactation cookies if she is planning to express/ breast feed.

        If you are near by meet her from lunch or bring a picnic. Long solo days at the hospital are awful.


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          Agree with both posts! I didn't have a premmie but I got some luxury body lotion when Bub was born and it's the best


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            If the present is for the mum, then a voucher for cleaning or meals would be fab.

            If it is for the baby, I loved it when people treated us as they would with any other baby and gave DD clothes - mostly 00000 or premmie sized. She couldn't wear them in the isolette but did get to when she was in an open cot.
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              A voucher for lite and easy lunches and dinners (or just ask them what they'd like and get it delivered straight away) would have been awesome for us [emoji106] especially for DH, we had freezer meals but lunches he just grabbed whatever he could. Not having to worry about meals at that time is a real load off.


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                My friends came with lovely sandwiches/cakes etc and walked to the park near the hospital for a picnic lunch. It was lovely to eat nice food but be nearby.
                Also if there's a cafe or restaurant nearby you could get a voucher.
                Some nice body products is good for Mum.
                I also got some cute gifts for baby including a blanket for over the incubator, and some books for me to read to him when I visited, which I loved doing.


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                  One of the nicest things one of my friends did for me was send me a message saying:
                  "A. I can cook some meals and drop them to your place for your DH and DS.
                  B. I can come and eat a meal with you at the hospital or take you out nearby for a cafe meal.
                  C. I can do nothing for now if you all need space.
                  You don't have to send a long reply, just text me back the letter that works best for you."

                  It was the sweetest, most thoughtful thing anyone did. Not only did she give options, she thought through what I and my family might need, and she acknowledged I may not have time or be in the headspace to construct a response!

                  In the end, I actually asked her to buy some clothes at Target that only had press studs down the front and down both legs. That way, Ds's various wires didn't get caught up and hurt him when I or the nurses tried to dress him. To my surprise, she not only bought the stuff, but flatly refused to have me pay her back AND she washed them! Then she came and just sat with me by his cot and made me feel like a normal mum. I didn't want to leave him, so she came to me.

                  For me, being given options gave me the space and understanding I needed, and helped me feel I could ask for the help I needed at the time.


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                    Useful and thoughtful gifts for new mum of premmie baby?

                    Thank you everyone for your replies!
                    I ended up getting some premmie clothes and beanies (VERY hard to find), and some nice natural hand cream and lip balm.
                    I've offered to help in any way possible (keeping her company, meals, shopping for her etc.) but left the ball in her court to let me know. Just giving her some breathing space at the moment.


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                      i had a premie we had no help. So im putting up anything that i would have loved!

                      Prepared meals in the fridge or freezer.
                      Cleaner for the house.
                      Lite and easy for a fortnight (if unable to cook).
                      Lip balm my lips got awfully cracked inside the hospital.
                      A friend to visit ( didn’t have one) i probably wouldn’t have left baby’s side to go eat something, but just having someone visit. Tip bring some food with you, to share with mum. I was starving but wouldn’t leave baby’s side. I didn’t see too many hospital meals. I was in special care nursery when meals were delivered, they were collected un-eaten.
                      Nice shower gel, find out what smells mum likes. I couldnt breast feed nor get anything out so perfumes on my nipples wasn’t an issue.

                      For baby i would have appreciated something as simple as a pink premie hat. Someone got my daughter a blue one i wasn’t impressed. Small i know.

                      Gaia baby products.