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3 year old not ready

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  • 3 year old not ready

    Hi all

    My 3 year old is ready cognitively in that she is relatively advanced intellectually, knows what the potty is for and sometimes will poop on potty. when we get her to do it we give her treats and praise etc.

    but for the most part she appears to prefer to poop in her pull up nappy, she seems to have no problem walking round witha poopy nappy. recently she pee'd on her self and the sofa (nappy was too full so leaked out) and she sat there blissfully. she seemed unconcerned with the fact that she was relatively wet.

    we are considering taking 3-4 days and taking her nappy off and just following her around the house, if she wont go to potty when she is pooping or peeing maybe the act of doing it on herself without the protection of a nappy will convince her the toilet is a better proposition than doing it on herself.

    she was 3 in april.


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    So you have a new baby? They often regress a bit after a sibling arrives.


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      She's only just 3. Yes it's frustrating but kids do things at different rates.

      My eldest first did a wee in the potty a bit after 2, and by 2.5 was in jocks full time. At 4, in kinder he had quite a few accidents during the day which was unusual, and he was dry overnight from just after 5

      My 2nd was 22months when he did a wee on the potty and 3.5 before he wrote jocks. He's now 6 and still not trained overnight.

      My 3rd is only 2 and a few weeks old and has been using the potty without promoting, to do wee since 18m (and he can't even talk to express his need) we have him in Huggins nappy pants, and he is starting to pull them down independently.

      Keep up the praise, she will get there in her own time. It may not be far off. You could try a sticker chart with her if you wanted to, but keep everything positive. Praise her efforts even if it's just that she sits and doesn't go yet, and success when she successfully goes.... but just ignore the rest, certainly not tell her off if she has accidents etc. Even if you're frustrated, a simple "oh dear, oops. Let's clean this up. Maybe next time." Is sufficient. If she feels bad, there's the potential for anxiety and fear to arise which will make it harder to train.

      Also, nappies have to be quite full to leak like you described, unless they're faulty. I'd suggest changing her a bit more frequently so that her leaking on your sofa again is not a problem.

      Good luck. She will get there in her own time. Very very very few people never train to use the toilet (unless there are other factors at play, like an underlying medical condition)
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        Is she in disposable or cloth nappies?

        Either way, I had a friend who toilet trained using the nude trick. Basically child got comfortable using the nappy, and kind of just instinctively meant she knew it was ok not to use the potty when a nappy was on. So they let her be naked for a few days and that got her trained pretty well. When they brought undies in she did get a little bit confused because she must have felt that comfort again, so had some accidents. But got the hang of it pretty quick


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          I think the fact that she has pooped on the potty before is very encouraging.

          Have you bought her some undies yet? If not, take her shopping and get her to pick out some that she likes. Trial her in the undies and encourage her to use the toilet and see how she goes. She will not like the feeling of wetting/soiling her underpants, so this may help motivate her to use the potty/toilet.

          A lot of kids are comfortable going in the pull ups, as it's too similar to a nappy.