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3 year toilet training

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  • 3 year toilet training

    So most things I've read say toddlers between 18 to 3 yrs are best ages for toilet training. And girls are usually easier.
    I must have the hardest child because although we can get her to sit on potty and go wee. Most of the time she refuses.
    She'll tell us she has done wee or poo but won't ask for potty or come and tell us if done in nappy. I thouggt she'd become uncomfortable. Nope.
    Even when we try just undies.
    We sit her on the potty so she kniws about it, its use but won't use it.
    No siblings to learn from and she hasn't entered early learning til next year. So fingers crossed she wants to use it after seeing other kids
    Any tips or suggestions?
    Feel worse when you see another child her age, no nappy. Either she's stubborn, lazy or i am as a parent.

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    How old is your little girl?
    Is she acting age appropriate (not sure how to word that any other way) with the rest of her milestones like talking and playing?

    3 years is not the standard time really. Some kids just take longer.
    Toilet training can be a long process for some.

    It’s also made more lengthy if the child has any sensory issues or any sort of emotional things going on at the time.

    Don’t be hard on her or yourself. Just keep showing her how and encouraging. Or, take a break from trying if you’re feeling frustrated by it.

    My 5 year old has some sensory issues and she only trained at age 4. She still has accidents sometimes with number 2. She is dry at night though.
    Is your daughter?


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      We have just toilet trained at 2y7m. I started about 2y5m but then had a break. My DD sounds similar to yours. She would happily sit in a poo nappy and fight like no tomorrow to have a nappy change. Would tell us about wee and poo but never want to do it on the potty.

      So once I was ready to commit we went full time undies during the day, prior to this I would use pull-ups for going out and we would get “nah I’ll just do wee or poo in pull up”. Once I committed to full time undies and only pull up for nights we have been 100% dry and accident free. She’s still using a potty but will use normal toilets when we’re out.

      I think if you plan it a bit really talk it up and fully commit you’ll get there. Maybe stay home for a few days. Everyone told us it didn’t sound like she was ready but I felt like she was and it was more laziness on my behalf (I’m a big believer in nappies being easier so never really pushed it).

      We used sticker charts for wee and chocolate treats for poo worked wonders and honestly it was far easier than I was expecting her to be.


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        ds was 3y 4m when he trained. there’s such a big age variance. they’ll do it when they’re ready. as much as we wanted him trained earlier, no amount of offering or suggesting worked. the child needs to be emotionally and developmentally ready themselves. pushing it when they’re not ready then getting upset is just an exercise in futility, as well as a waste of energy. just go with the flow, they’ll get there in their own time. personally, 2 is quite young i think. and anything less than that is just expecting too much.


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          My DS was quite late to toilet train (4). It used to really bother me and make me feel like we weren't trying hard enough, but he simply wasn't ready until he was that bit older.

          We had a couple of different potties but he only ever used a potty once for a wee - I strongly recommend trying a toddler toilet seat that just sits on top of your regular toilet seat. We have this one:


          This way, you won't have to worry about transitioning from potty to toilet either.

          A lot of people swear by the 3 day toilet training method - might be worth looking into?

          When we started to get more serious about nailing the toileting goal with my DS, we'd get him to watch a cartoon video on YouTube which I believe is called 'Tom's Toileting Triumph'. It explains toileting in an easy to follow manner for kids.

          Don't put too much pressure on her or yourselves as parents - she will get there when she's ready.


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            Thanks everybody.
            My little girl knows what the potty is for. And when left to run bottomless around the house will use it. I have her home with me every Friday so I pretty much put in a full day of training.
            The issue I face is when she has clothes on, she just seems to be 'lazy' in going.
            She doesn't have any developmental issues.


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              If it were me I would stop the pants free time.
              She might be getting confused by this.


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                Could she be confused with wearing pants/undies that she thinks it’s the same as wearing a nappy and it will catch the wee?

                We did bottoms off for a few days then just undies for a few day’s then undies & pants. Once she had undies on I just kept reminding her she was wearing undies and if she needed to do wee or poo she had to go to the potty.

                She will get there.


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                  Also is she able to pull her undies up by herself? I think that’s a big one for toilet training