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Im sooooo sick of changing sheets!

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  • Im sooooo sick of changing sheets!

    My nearly 3yo ds wears the largest size huggies nappies to bed. No matter what I do they keep leaking to the point hes soaked each morning. This has only been a problem for a few weeks now and im at my wits end. At first id give him his milk a few hours before bed and he was still getting wet. Then last night I didnt even give him a sippy cup. He had a bit of water with dinner at like 5! I changed his nappy at 730 & he had a few mouth fulls of water after brushing his teeth. He woke up wetter than ever. What do I do?? Im washing sheets every day!
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    Huggies have changed their nappies, ring and complain!! Ive switched to the new babyloves and no more wetting through hth