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Family gathering to go or not .

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  • Family gathering to go or not .

    I have a family gathering with my kids grandkids daughter son in laws who i enjoy
    however it is at the home of a particular relative and in honor of another relative who both have been incredibly bullying and cruel to me to extreme.
    wondering of others similar quandaries and experiences.
    I can enjoy time focusing on things are that are my real focus in life and not go
    i can go and hope that i'll enjoy being around my huge family and that it wont traumatise me too much being around the 2 very very bullying cruel nasty relatives. particularly at this timing they have bullied me and been extremely cruel to me the last 18 months horrible stuff. On my own with them out of site i focus on other things , that i rely on God not on them and i wish them well. but seeing them would be traumatic for me especially at the moment. would i enjoy my family still and more. i dont know. Have you had similar experiences and how did you navigate it or what did you decide.

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      Family gathering to go or not .

      I can’t imagine that the two family you dislike will care less if you go or not. Therefore it’s really your close family members you need to think about. Will they miss you or will you see them other times?

      If it were me I would go. If I avoided family events because I don’t like one or two people, I would never attend anything, but for the sake of the family members I want to see I go to things.
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        What do all the other relatives think about the 2 that bullied you? Why arent they standing up for you and supporting you?
        "This too, shall pass."