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No baby photos :-(

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  • No baby photos :-(

    My XH is refusing to give me photos of the kids since they were born and while in utero

    I'm devastated. He keeps saying he'll do it, I even gave him a USB stick to transfer them from his desktop computer and he made up some excuse about the computer not recognising the USB - IT WAS BRAND NEW IN ITS PACKET when I handed it to him.

    I asked back in January when I first left the house if I could come and pick up my dog and cat to which he replied 'they're fine where they are'. They're MY pets and he wouldn't let me have them!!

    I have a court order that states that he is to give me whatever I want from the house but he won't do it and I've just found out that in order to enforce it, I have to take it back to court which is going to cost me more blardy money that I don't have!!

    I hate this man. I truly hate him for what he's put me through over the time we were together and since I got the guts to leave him. He's just made my life hell over and over and over again. The only good thing to come from him are my gorgeous boys but I hate that they see me crying and getting upset over stuff their dad does and then I have to cover for him!!!

    Who does that? Who the hell keeps someone's pets out of spite? And BABY photos FFS!!! It's not like I'm asking him to give them to me and he won't have them anymore, I'm asking for a COPY of them!!!!

    I'm so over it all. I feel like I have no back up, no leg to stand on and yet again, even though I got the courage to leave him he's still walking all over me and I'm powerless to stop it.

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    Can you go while he is at work and just take the things (and pets) you need? Or can your dad/brother/ cousin etc go with you?

    You've done the right thing in leaving from what you've said. What a mean man.
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      No he's changed the locks and I've just found out last night that the dog is at the next door neighbours.


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        Who's name are the pets registered/microchipped in ?

        If they're in your name couldn't you call the police and have him charged with theft ?

        What a meanie

        Hugs to you op xx


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          They're in mine. But he has the paperwork for them in the filing cabinet inside the house.

          He keeps lying to me too and changing his story from one sentence to the next. I called him in it last night and he just said 'you're not listening to me' and walked away.

          He always walks away and then does the most mean, spiteful things in the most passive aggressive way possible.

          2012 was meant to be a great year, leaving him and taking control of our lives but he's managed to still make it pure hell.

          I hope one day the kids are old enough to see him for what he is


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            They will don't worry.

            Does it matter if he has the paper work ? They're in your name, they're your pets.

            Have you sought legal advice ? Would you be eligible for legal aid ?


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              Report your pets as stolen, and tell them you know where they are and the person is refusing to give them back. Getting their microchip checked and u showing id proves they are yours.


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                I'd ask the police if they can go with you to collect your things. I know somebody who did this and the police were more than happy to help.


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                  He sounds horrible.

                  I just want to say well done for having the courage to get you and your boys away from him. It sounds like he is just withholding things to be vindictive. If you have a court order, wouldn't he have to give u what you want, like if u went over with a police officer to supervise??


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                    Originally posted by Benji View Post
                    I'd ask the police if they can go with you to collect your things. I know somebody who did this and the police were more than happy to help.

                    Yes, this is my suggestion too


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                      Originally posted by Benji View Post
                      I'd ask the police if they can go with you to collect your things. I know somebody who did this and the police were more than happy to help.

                      +1 for this. Ask the police to go with you to collect your pets and to get your photos off the PC and anything else you may need to get while you are there.


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                        Another for asking the Police to attend with you. He won't be able to weasel out of it then.


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                          If your pets are microchipped in just your name he has stolen them and must return them to you,

                          The police can attend the premesis at a time suitable for you both for you to collect your things from the premises as you have a court order in place.

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                            I called the police. They told me to call the sheriffs office. I called the sheriffs office and they told me to call the police but put me through to the court house to check and the court said I had to get my solicitor to take it back to the magistrate citing he had contravened the orders.

                            I like the idea of reporting the animals as stolen but while they're registered in my name, they're also registered to his address.

                            I've contacted my solicitor, just have to wait for her reply now.

                            I have asked XH to make everything available to me when I drop the kids off at his house tomorrow and told him that if I haven't heard from him by 4.30pm today I would go to the sheriffs office.

                            I know I won't hear from him. But now I think I'll take the court orders into the police station tomorrow and see if someone can be at the house when I drop the kids off to make sure he lets me get it.

                            The police did tell me when I called them that I needed a property return order as well as the court orders I have so I don't know that they can/will do anything.


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                              Just an update for you guys if you're interested -

                              I got a text MSG from XH at 4.16pm (4.30pm deadline) just saying that he'd never said he wouldn't give me what I asked for and that he doesn't deserve to be spoken to the way I have lately.

                              I'm fed up with his lies and inconsistencies so yes, I got short with him and gave him a mouthful last night.

                              Anyway, it would seem I have put the wind up him because he has promised to let me have the photos and the pets tomorrow when I drop the kids off and would try to organise the other things over the next week.

                              I told him he had until 8th July to get it all sorted out and let me in the house or I would have no choice but to take it further.

                              So I guess we'll see. I really hope he comes thru on the promise with the photos and pets - I cant wait to spoil my dog and snuggle with my cat again :-)