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Travelling with an 18 month old and a 2 month old

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  • Travelling with an 18 month old and a 2 month old

    Were driving up to coffs harbour in a couple of months, so its going to be at least 7 or so hours in the car, might try doing it over 2 days cause Im the only one that drives. What things can I take to keep an 18 month old amused in the car?

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    Hi Jade

    If you are feeling creative you could make a long bead necklace with lots of different cool beads on it - those sort of things keep my 2.5 year old fascinated for ages!!!
    I made one yesterday:
    Pic 1
    Pic 2 - close up


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      Oh wow, they are so nice!! Im assuming Id need to buy plastic beads, where would I get everything I need to make something like that?

      At the moment,Im thinking heaps of snacks to keep her amused, I have a portable dvd player, but I dont know whether she would watch it.


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        Just go to those cheap shops (Go-Lo) etc... and get the elastic for it at Big W Make sure you get plastic ones, because if you get glass ones, if she bites them they will break.

        I'm sure she would watch a DVD if you pick the right one. Something interesting with lots of colour... at that age my DD really liked "Finding Nemo".

        Little bits of food that take ages to eat will keep her occupied... like sultanas. Break crackers or muesli bars into little bits so she has to keep picking up the indivdual pieces to eat them, it will take a long time and keep her from getting bored. You can get snack cups that have this weird flap thing so if she drops it you won't get food all thru the car. They look like a good idea, I think I've seen them at Big W.

        Have a great trip!


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          What about music cd's? nothing like singing along to the wiggles or hi-5 to keep an 18month old assumed for at least 10 minutes .

          I'd suggest that you plan lots of breaks. Stop every hour or two and get out. Let your dd run around and get rid of her built up energy. Then, hopefully somewhere along the way she'll fall asleep for a couple of hours.


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            Like mim said, i'd go for the music CD's. My DD loves them, she especially did at that age. Play it a bit before the trip so she is familiar with it and you are too, she'll like you sining along to it. We have a few nursery rhyme ones.

            My DD also loved Nemo at that age, still does. A few books, even a small magna-doodle to do some drawing.

            Food...pack as many small snack style things as you can, maybe a bikkie or two for emergencies.

            Good Luck. We have done quite a few trips of that length and most of the time DD has been really good. Hopefully they both sleep alot for you


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              my ds1 loves car trips. we've only gone as far as melbourne and ballarat though. he likes to listen to music and point out cars and trucks. i always pack snacks for him. he is a book worm so we pack books 4 him too.

              ETA:my ds1 likes to heand bang along to metallica and he dances to anything on the radio lol


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