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  • Stuck in a cast

    For those who have been through similar I'd love your tips or reassurance.

    My son (2 and a few months) is in a Spica Cast after breaking his femur. He's either on the couch or in the stroller. He isn't able to get around on his own. He has approx 5 weeks left and is incredibly frustrated with his situation. His speech is delayed so that's not helping his situation.

    I've had to cut his daytime nap because it was taking hours to get him to sleep at night. He's just not burning any energy.

    He's bored and frustrated. Which is frustrating for me too. He's yelling and screaming a lot. Wants me to take off his Cast etc.

    I keep telling myself that this will pass but it's hard being 32 weeks pregnant and trying to pack the house to move (plus having 2 other children as well).

    Any amazing tips to cope?

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    I haven’t experienced this however my friend has....similar age too.

    What about a bean bag for him to sit in? Might be more comfortable for him and mould around him instead of being on a couch or stroller.

    A lap table similar to this that can go over his lap with activities for him to dough, drawing etc...


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      There is also a few posts on Pinterest if you search for Spica Cast Tips Toddler


      That might give some more helpful suggestions too.

      Is there someone else that can help with the packing side of things to ease the load on you?


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        Thanks. We tried a beanbag but it didn't work. He's not really the type of kid to draw or do quiet activities unfortunately.

        My.mum is helping with packing 3 days a week luckily.


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          Does he like water play?

          Maybe you could position him like below with a container of water and some animals or cups for him to play with. Totally not ideal but if you have an iPad could you get some kiddie game apps that might retain his attention a bit more if he gets bored easily with quiet play.


          I saw this too, if you have one of these swings? Not sure if your DF could get him positioned in here for a bit of a change of scenery for him and fresh air.



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            The swing is packed away somewhere ready for our move and he isn't interested in the iPad. He just throws it.

            It's been pretty muggy here so I'm reluctant to have him outside too much. His cast is already smelly. We do some tummy time with cars though.


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              I somehow ended up with this Hip spica cast.jpg

              when DD2 was put in a pavlik harness for hip dysplasia.

              If you are interested, I'm happy to post it to you (just send me a pm), else I could take photos of each page and post here (if allowed) or pm them to you.


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                Sure thing. Whatever is easiest.


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                  Originally posted by Mamasupial View Post
                  Sure thing. Whatever is easiest.
                  We don't seem to be able to pm photos.

                  I'll take some photos later this evening and post them in this thread.


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                    My daughter was younger when in her spica, but there are a few support groups out there that will help on Facebook. 'spica families australia' in particular is full of great ideas!

                    Kmart has scooter boards which some parents have found really useful, if you put him on his tummy he can drag himself around on his arms, will hopefully tire him out as well as keeping him occupied! Some kids fit in certain trikes/bikes too. But it's tough as activities are so limited to what can be done at a table etc. You've probably already done these to death, but things like sensory/sand play, blocks/Lego, sticker books, playdough etc can all help. He might be a bit young, but there could also be some educational apps he could use on a tablet? When we were in one I found a lot of my parenting ideals went out the window and I just did whatever we could to survive it.

                    Good luck! It's a tough age to be in a spica. We are potentially going to have to go back in around the same age and I'm dreading it [emoji21]Screenshot_20210313-190249_Chrome.jpg


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                      [MENTION=70698]Mamasupial[/MENTION] I should have read the booklet before posting on here. Most of it is about how to keep clean, nappy changes etc that I'm sure the hospital have given you info on.

                      Here are the only pages that may be of interest to you