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    Has anyone else read this book?
    The Post Baby Conversation - Alison Osborne
    I think it's fantastic It should be a MUST READ for all new parents and those contemplating children..........

    Interested if anyone else has read it & their /your opinions ???


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    I bought it and lent it to my hubby to read first (since I never get a chance!)

    He thinks it's a conspiracy to make men do more housework!


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      never heard about it, whats it about???


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        ROFLMAO Yes - it's probably more about "women" then men - but that's of course WHY - cause it's women who have to make the BIG changes when kids coem along - men make a few minor adjustments but just continue "as is" pretty much eh?!!

        Jate & Abby - it's about the changes your relationship goes through and we women go through once we become "mother" and "family"..........the author basically interviewed ~ 100 couples of all different types and the book is a compliation of their stories in various chaptor themes........

        it's certainly just what I have needed as I have really be "grasping" to work out who I am now and what my life stands for and how to adjust to this whole "motherhood" thang it's been a very confusing and confronting time for me......but the book has made me realise how "normal" this seems to be for women - yet no one talks about it...........



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          I have this book, I think the best thing I got out of it was realising I was resenting my DP it suddendly made a lot more sense to me. I find some of it very repetitive and thought to myself "didn't I just read that?" I tried to use soem of the tips and hints in the book and when I got him to read the pointers at the end he just laughed at me. So here I am trying to make things better as I was feeling a bit lost and there he is laughing at me....haven't finished it yet so wondering if there are any tips for when you try and your other half continues to be a jerk


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            Yes - me too Pixie..........

            bbl to discuss more......have to run.


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              DH and i were tossing up buying the book when we were in borders the other day, let us know how you go when you've finished it Nat! Dh and I go through stages of close and apart but now we're in a close stage-stil would hep to read i thnk


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                Well - I have enjoyed teh book because it has made me feel LESS like a freak!! a bit more "normal" with what I have and am going through........

                Motherhood has been and continues to be a HUGE adjustment for me & I'm just beginning to understand why.......because it's something I ended up craving for and REALLY wanting - so to be SO miserable about the entire "role" for so long is kinda a shock for me. I just didn't see this aspect of it coming.........kwim?

                I THINK after reading teh book - it's just something we all go through as mothers and some find it easier to adjust to then others perhaps?

                I THINK because I always thought I didn't want children and had NEVER mentally prepared or saw myself in this role........then once we decided, I had to have treatment for endometriosis etc and was told it mightn't then there was this HUGE adjustment to "I now WANT kids but can't have them.." and having to accept childlessness............then BIG SHOCK when the treatment & operations were 100% successful and I got pg x 2 times just SO easily It was almost like after such a hard journey - then it just "happened" and both pgs were easy really - no complications, no dramas......totally straightforward............then I got the births I wanted (el c/s) and again after SUCH a journey - almost "too easy".............iywkim?

                So in a bizarre way-I had all this "stuff" to deal with about myself, my expectations about motherhood and it's almost (sometimes!) like these 2 kids just suddenly "appeared".........I STILL have an almost constant feeling of "oh - look at these beautiful, perfect and delightful children........the REAL mother will come and take them back soon...." sort of thing (but if anyone TRIES they are going to have to FIGHT ME TO THE DEATH to get em!! LOL)

                Anyway - the book helped ME to sort through some of this stuff and also to accept that for my hb - it's not his fault that I feel so "trapped" by motherhood sometimes.......HE can't be the mother anymore then I can be the father! He is doing a great job supporting me best ways he can and compared to many of the men in the book...........MY hb is bloody 150% fantastic!