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  • toy donation

    hi all,
    does anyone know where the best place I can donate some of DD's toys?

    she has so much stuff in perfect condition and leading up to Xmas will only get more and I'd like to be able to give back to those less fortunate especially at Xmas time. DD is only 19 months old so won't 'get it' yet but I'd like to incorporate it every year.

    - ideally I'm after somewhere where they will go directly to a child/children and not sold off.

    - not the salvos for my own personal reasons

    - I'm in Victoria

    if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

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    toy donation

    What about your local child care centre ?


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      toy donation

      "St Kilda Mums" is a fantastic group of women in Melbourne who take donated toys and baby gear (nursery items, prams, cots, clothing etc) and package it up and distribute it to social workers and maternal child health nurses who work with disadvantaged mums (eg. Mums who are fleeing domestic violence, setting up house in public housing, refugees etc).

      Look them up online (they have a website and Facebook), they do a fantastic job!


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        toy donation

        The children's hospital is always a good place
        This might sound odd but if there is a woman's shelter and they may have kids that had to leave their house in a hurry?
        Maybe goggle toy donation in Victoria and see if any organisations come up?


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          Maybe your local Playgroup?


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            toy donation

            Some emergency services also use plush toys as Trauma Bears to give to children when they are involved in / witness to traumatic events. This provided some comfort to small children. Maybe contact your local ambulance etc.

            Not sure if they take second hand teddies but in my old job we always had a teddy in the car with our gear in case kids were involved.


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              Re: toy donation

              The Caroline Chisholm society in the North/Western suburbs takes toy donations. Not many places will be willing to take soft toys.
              If you have a toy library nearby they would probably take them, too.

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