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Advice for travelling OS with Children?!?

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  • Advice for travelling OS with Children?!?

    What was the best piece of advice you received or have in regards to travelling overseas with young children??

    Going OS on a 10 hour flight with 3 children ages 2, 4 & 8. They are super excited, Mum & Dad are very nervous & don’t want to end up being the parents everyone curses on the flight.

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    Personal DVD player with the kids fave movies/shows, new puzzles/colouring books/activity books and lots of snacks. We bought DD her own carry on bag (with her fave fairy on it) and filled it with these things. Unfortunately, we were 'those people' on the way there, but she was an angel on the way back. If you can try to book overnight flights. I found that was the best flight of the 2, because they will sleep and you don't have to entertain them for the whole 10 hours! Also be prepared to have no/little sleep and for that to continue for the first 4 days while they get used to the time difference.

    Good luck and enjoy your holiday.


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      For our 2 year old the best advice came from a pilot, who recommended bringing her car seat on the plane (you're allowed to do this). Best flights EVER since we started doing that! She's restrained, which is great, but she's also used to falling asleep in it, and she slept for the whole 8hr flight we did last time. AND because the car seat stuck out, it meant DH and I could sit each side and go to sleep resting on it!

      Other than that, putting a favourite TV show on a tablet (e.g., Galaxy Tab) is invaluable. We loaded it up with Dora, Elmo, and her favourite movies. Great for the flight, but also good for holiday too - e.g., eating out at restaurants.