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  • Reward chart

    So I've just got some reward stickers and a chart. For those that use one what do you have on there. So far I've thought of.

    Keep room clean/ put toys back in room
    Go to sleep on time
    Get ready for school
    Something about eating dinner and
    No nagging lol?

    What other things should I put? I like the idea of focusing on things I'm having trouble with. Instead of just general good behaviour. What would you put?
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    How old is the child?


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      I'd probably put a time on there -like

      Get ready for school by 8.30am
      Put toys away in room at 4pm
      Eat dinner within 20 minutes

      Make sense? I think what you've got there is great but just a little too vague and could open you up to arguments depending on the age of the child.

      Have you figured out what rewards you'll give too?


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        She is 5 next Thursday. Yes great ideas bunnyhugs thanks. I'm not sure what rewards. I dont want to reward with toys. I don't feek right about giving her a new toy each week she behaves. I was thinking of having like activity/outting rewards where I could ask her is there something special she would like to do. That way she has some choice kind of thing.


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          Bump for the morning crowd :-)


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            Maybe you could start with what you have and in a few weeks when she is in a routine with her jobs you could swap them or add to the list so its not a big overload at once?

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              DD is 7, a bit older but on hers she also has being good to her brother and doing what's she asked.


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                I would have all the ones you have and
                Make bed
                Put dirty clothes in basket
                Put dishes in sink
                Have shower
                Pack bag for school/preschool


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                  I think they are all great ideas for her age, I love Bunnyhugs idea for time limits, I'm going to pinch that one.

                  For rewards we use choosing a video or movie for saturday night, a trip to the park on Friday afternoon or, my kids favorite, a hot chocolate at the cafe.


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                    I've kept it simple with DD, I picked four things I really want her to focus on - didn't want her to get overwhelmed and discouraged if it was all a bit much to worry about.

                    A big one for me is taking dishes to the kitchen after finishing dinner.


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                      I have similar to a reward system but each thing has a money amount to it.

                      Make bed 50c
                      Put dishes on sink 50c
                      Wash dishes $1

                      There is a whole ot of things she can do for $1, $2, $5 or for smaller amounts.

                      I use play money. You can get Australian play money from the cheap shops for $2 a set, and a cheap wallet just for that. Each week there are rewards that cost money. Going to the park is $5, having a full morning/afternoon at the park with a picnic is $10. Movie nights at home is $5 (usually a suitable movie comes on tv on friday or saturday). Having a friend over for a play is $2, having a friend sleep over is $10. She pays with play money of course and she can spend it or save it.