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    Im thinking of starting a reward chart for DD (3 yo) but i have a few questions.
    1. how many 'rewards' does she need to get before she gets rewarded? 2. what do you use for rewards? (id rather not use food rewards, of do you think food rewards are ok?). 3. how exactly does it work? Im thinking, if she does something good she gets a star and if she does something bad i take one away, is that right?

    How does your reward charts work??

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    As a teacher, I say focus on the positive.
    I personally am not a fan of rewards charts but if they work for your dd that's all that counts.
    I would say stickers or make a box of stuff from the 2 dollar shop, and once she gets say ten rewards she can choose something from the box.
    Don't take away stickers for unwanted behavior, just focus on the positive, it's been proven in many studies to work so much better than focussing on the negative.
    I hope this helps.


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      We have a number or rewards. Trinkets, painting time, 'cooking' time, park time, bike time, tv time, lollies, healthy dinner of their choosing.

      I try and use attention as a reward rather then 'things'.


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        As pp said always focus on positive. This means catching the positive behaviour when you see it. It works really well when you make the reward chart together so it's not being imposed on the child. Negotiate the rewards with them, the best rewards are not material things but things like time tokens eg: make a cake with mum, play basketball with 3 friends I can invite over, play dress ups with dad.. Also you have to be consistent and keep using it, don't be stingy with it, loads of rewards especially in the beginning but do not reward poor behaviour. Good luck