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please help me feed my family lol

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  • please help me feed my family lol

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 2.5 yo and an 8 month old and I am finding it sooo hard to keep up with lunches and dinners. I barely have time to go to the toilet, let alone spend time in the kitchen cooking. I also really want to avoid T/A or ready-made meals. I enjoy cooking but finding the time is very difficult

    PLEASE ladies could you give me some ideas/tips/recipes that I could use to help me feed my family. It is one of the biggest stress times in my day.

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    Do you have a slow cooker? I recommend investing in one. Just throw all the ingredients in with a bit of stock and you have a meal.


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      With winter coming up a slow cooker will help you sooo much!!! It's sooo easy!

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        For lunches, freeze everything. Make up sandwiches and freeze them individually, so all you need to do is take out however many you need and let them defrost.

        Or buy small chinese plastic containers and freeze leftovers in small toddler-portions for lunches later on. Or you could just do a cook-up and do the same.

        Go to and look for recipes you can easily freeze.


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          I often make up zucchini slice and freeze it in small portions for lunches. I usually add carrot, corn, pumpkin cubes, whatever vegies I have really. It takes hardly any time to make and its a hit with both kids.

          This is the recipe I use.....


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            Thermomix! Seriously best In the kitchen timesaver I ever got


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              I got some of the Leonard's mini strudels and chicken patties, dd loves them cos she doesn't know they have Vegies in them quick to cook and fairly healthy


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                Oh and great cold for lunches


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                  Another slow cooker fan here!

                  I make sausage casserole.

                  Tinned diced tomatoes
                  Few sausages
                  A pack of frozen veg
                  Beef stock

                  DS is ten months and loves it!
                  It is a bit messy though

                  Also good for silversides and curries!


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                    i feel your pain. I have a 21 month old & 6 month old.

                    I find these work, just make big batches & store them in medium & small containers for your & your kids food.

                    swedish meatballs - have sweet potato mash on the side so 8 month old can have some too.

                    Spinach pie - can be eaten cold or heated up. vegeatables on the side for baby.

                    Spaghetti bol - veg - garlic bread

                    Fettucine bosciallo - garlic bread

                    Roast lamb plus vegies

                    Quiche & salad

                    Slow cooker meals are awesome… shove it in in the mid morning then its all done by dinner.


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                      thank you everyone! Are there any good websites for slow cooker recipes?