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  • Fathers day gifts

    Hi there,

    Do any of you have any clever ideas for fathers day gifts? I'm thinking that photo's are the way to go, but thats only cos I can't think of anything else. I really don't want to spend too much money. DD is too young to make anyting herself so its up to me!

    All ideas would be welcomed - gift ideas just aren't my thing.

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    Maybe you could get some plaster of Paris from a craft sop or bunnings and make hand prints and footprints. You could put it in a frame maybe!! Or you could do hand & foot prints on his card with paint and give him a nice breakfast.

    My hubby is getting a new car jack because he works on cars all the time and has a small one.

    Hope you find something, GOODLUCK!!



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      I am making a card this year (first father's day) with bub's hand and footprints on it. I took them myself a month ago, but be warned, if you try it, do it in close proximity to a bathtub and make sure bub has no clothes on. You'd be surprised how far a little paint can go!!
      My hubby adores gourmet cooking (and I'm pretty pleased about it too!), so every b/day etc is easy to buy for. He is really happy with a new addition to the kitchen, or a gift voucher so he can pick something out himself (this way I can at least get him out to the shops - bonus for me - heh heh heh).
      I guess the trick is to get something that suits a particular hobby he has.
      I am also going to give him a "joke" prezzie as well - a pair of socks nicely wrapped from "Elizabeth", just for a laugh!


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        Here are some great poems to go with hand or foot prints

        Children have a certain way
        of growing bigger every day,
        But these little hands
        and this special smile
        will stay in our
        hearts a long, long while

        Sometimes you get discouraged
        Because I am so small
        And always leave my fingerprints
        On furniture and walls.

        But every day I'm growing -
        I'll be grown some day
        And all those tiny handprints
        Will surely fade away.

        So here's a little handprint
        Just so you can recall
        Exactly how my fingers looked
        When I was very small.

        A good one for Grandads

        I miss you when we're not together
        I'm growing up so fast
        See how big I've gotten
        Since you saw me last?
        As I grow, I'll change a lot,
        The years will fly right by.
        You'll wonder how I grew so quick
        When and where and why?
        So look upon this handprint (these handprints)
        That's hanging on your wall.
        And memories will come back of me,
        When I was very small.


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          I'm going to get my partner a small double photoframe. In one frame I will put a foot or hand print (whichever is easier!!) and the other a poem, thanks to Rell I now have some to choose from!!!


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            Here is another idea, make a book mark with their hand print on one side and this poem on the other. You can also make a small photo frame from cardboard and attach it to the bookmark with ribbon.

            These are my fingerprints
            tiny and small.
            To place in your Books
            Winter, Spring, Summer,
            And Fall.

            They are here to remind you
            the whole year through
            that,you're the Best Dad,
            I Love You!

            Im doing this for the Granddads aswell, just changing the Dad to grandad.


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              Oh Wow! You guys have got such great ideas, I'M SO IMPRESSED. I love them all. At the risk of being a "copycat" I'll try and get one of those frames with three parts, one for a photo, one for a footprint/handprint and one for a poem. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou Everyone.

              Fathers day is saved!!! ( I know he's going to luuuuuuv it!)


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                I'm cooking my husband his dinner and giving him a card.

                He did the exact same for me on Mothers Day. The fact that I cook dinner for him everyday and it always goes without a thank you might make him realise how much it entails and how I wouldn't have minded more of a present!


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                  Shame shame shame !

                  Sorry to admit it, but I have a wine decanter for a Fathers' Day gift for my son's present for his dada (maybe we have become alcohoholics since our baby arrived) ! It is my husband's first Fathers' Day ... so we thought it should be something special ! I am having the base of the decanter engraved because I thought it would be cool for dada to have something to keep forever from his first ever Fathers' Day. These are special times !



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                    Fathers Day Poems

                    Some of the sample of the poem is:

                    What Makes a Dad

                    God took the strength of a mountain,
                    The majesty of a tree,
                    The warmth of a summer sun,
                    The calm of a quiet sea,
                    The generous soul of nature,
                    The comforting arm of night,
                    The wisdom of the ages,
                    The power of the eagle's flight,
                    The joy of a morning in spring,
                    The faith of a mustard seed,
                    The patience of eternity,
                    The depth of a family need,
                    Then God combined these qualities,
                    When there was nothing more to add,
                    He knew His masterpiece was complete,
                    And so,

                    He called it ... Dad


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                      My daughter made me handprints for mothers day with this poem:

                      Little Handprints everywhere, on the tables, on the chairs,
                      Little Handprints now let me think, on the taps and on the sink
                      Little Handprints everyday, just for you to wipe away.
                      But as I grow you will find no more handprints left behind
                      So I've made some prints for you, of little hands, one and two
                      Now, when I'm big you'll still see little handprints left by me!

                      She also painted a picture of me and told her teacher why I was special.

                      Not much good with the bubs, but maybe for older kids (obviously painting Dad).

                      For fathers day they have made photo cards I think.

                      The bookmark idea is great!


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                        If you have trouble getting baby handprints, try photocopying their hand - you get the fingerprints as well (very cute).


                        PS don't forget to clean the photocopier!


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                          My friend had a great idea today (which I stole ). She's bought a children's book written about Dad that he and DS can read together. I think that's a gorgeous idea, so I bought one for my DD to read with DH.



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                            I got a photo of each of my boys and got it put on a coffee cup that hubby can use at work with "We Love You Daddy" printed on it. Thought that was a nice idea!!


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                              Logan and I have gotten my hubby a digital photo frame that is a key ring. It was only $39 and holds 100 photos. I have put 20 photos on of him and logan. This way we can add more as they are taken and he can add his favourites. (It is his first fathers day)

                              Before I saw the key chain, I had planned on making a book. I was going to type up a story about Logan and his daddy on A2 sized paper and stick photos of them in it. I was then going to laminate the pages and get them bound. The binding costs about $3.00 at office works. This way they had a story they could read together. I may still do the same thing for 'daddy's first father's day' by taking lots of photos on the day and making them into a story. A cheap and personal way to add to our book library!

                              If you want a store bought book, My Dad by jeanette Rowe is fantastic. It even has a spot where you can put a photo of you 'dad' in it.
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