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Need help from WA people!

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  • Need help from WA people!

    I'm looking for a copy of the newspaper from 3 weeks ago, Wednesday the 1st of Feb- does anyone have one sitting somewhere that i can buy?? I know this is a long shot but i would love to give it to my son one day so he can read what happened on the day of his birth...

    Can anyone help? *please please please!*

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    I'll give my mum and my grandma a call and ask. They buy them religiously and with any luck haven't thrown them out


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      Omg you're a legend, thanks for trying, i wish i hadn't had such a cotton wool head and thought of it sooner!


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        I found this info on the West Australian website:

        How do I order back issues of The West Australian and The Weekend West?
        Call Press Photos on 9482 2378 to inquire. Copies can be collected from Newspaper House, 50 Hasler Road, Osborne Park. The cover price is $1.30 weekdays and $2.30 Saturday.


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          You are better off going into your local newsagent and requesting they back order you a copy in. Shouldn't take more than a day or two. That information posted from their website is out of date and not valid. If you phone The West's customer service department they will tell you to go to a newsagency (a full one, not a kiosk or deli).

          You will only be charged the cover price, there is no additional fee for the back copy request.

          If you get the paper delivered, then you can request from your delivery person to order it as well, and they will just throw it along with your normal paper, once they get it.


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            Thank you so much for the tips, i will go into my local agency today :-)


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              Oh it has changed in the last five years
              I very cleverly threw out the three copies of the paper my brother got me on the day of my son's birth!! So my DH went out to Osborne Park and picked it up for us


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                Originally posted by Laksa View Post
                Oh it has changed in the last five years

                Yep, electronic copies are kept, but hard copies are not kept for more than a week now, I believe.