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at home activities for a 3 and 1 year old

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  • at home activities for a 3 and 1 year old

    So DD is 3 and DS is 14 months and im having a hard time entertaining them together when we're home.
    Going out is easy but in the arvos when we're home i just dont know what to do with them.
    Ive tried Painting but DS doesnt get it and annoys DD,reading but DS keeps grabbing at the books, Drawing but DS again doesnt get it.

    Im at a loss as to what to do to entertain them TOGETHER!!

    Any ideas??

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    Have you tried play dough? I make the recipe that is on the back of the cream of tartar container. It's easy, cheap and last for ages and ages. DS is 2 and loves playing with play dough.


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      I agree make playdough with the no cook recipe (takes 15 minutes to make and if it dries out just roll it back together for a while and it usually comes good)

      Uhm gluing craft? (okay I HATE craft though lol)

      uhm depends on what your bubbies are into, outside kicking a ball or swinging on swings etc.

      Maybe buy dd an easle to paint on then she can paint while you do the craft next to her with ds?


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        When your reading have you tried giving your ds a book to hold while you read.

        I find when painting/drawing/arts and crafts to separate them at either end of the table.

        Have you tried water play as in a water table, sprinkler or even an early bath with lots and lots of bubbles.

        Dress ups, pretend play like shops or tea parties, cubby houses.