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Convertible Restraints car seat - for new born to 18 kgs

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  • Convertible Restraints car seat - for new born to 18 kgs

    Hi All.

    New to the forum. DH and I are looking for a convertible restraints car seat for our first child who is due in a month's time. We would appreciate any recommendations on which one to get.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi, I have the safe and sound platinum for my bub.
    It's easy to use, the straps/safety harness are automatically readjusted each time you put bub in so it doesn't matter what they're wearing it's always the right fit. It's quite comfy looking and has a removable infant insert which is washable. It also has an AUX cable and speakers in the head rest so u can plug in an iPod lol which is good for when she's sleeping.
    The main reason we bought it though was for the air cushions at the top to protect bubs head in case of a crash. Can't really trust other drivers these days! It's a little pricey, but the other good one is by safe and sound as well, I think it's the AHR
    Tilt and adjust.

    Hope this helps 😊


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      Hi Chacha,

      Thank you for your suggestion. Initially DH was thinking of getting the Safe and Sound Guardian which is only exclusive to Target. But from the reviews I read online, it seem to have problem with the belt twisting and the buckle. That sort of stop us from getting it.

      The other one I was looking at is the one your suggested.. But we not sure if the mp3 player thing is something we will use for our bub and of course its pricey too.

      I get what you mean with the other drivers.. haha We might go to the shops this weekend and ask the staffs there for recommendations..


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        The best seat on the CREP testing by RACV/NRMA is the Safe n Sound Meridian. It's nearly $500 (maybe able to get it for $50 less) so it's not cheap but will last 4 years. We had the old version Meridian for our ds and he didn't grow out of it til well after the age of 4. Unfortunately the old version is now poorly rated, so we're about to buy a brand new one (we hired a capsule for my dh's car for the first 3 months).

        I have a SnS Compaq in my car. The only issue with the Compaq is if you have a tall child (and we have tall kidlets) is that your child may grow out of it before the age of 4 & then need a convertible booster with a built in 5 point harness. Otherwise it's a good, simple seat.


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          Meridian tilt and adjust. Love love love it!


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            Safe n Sound compaq...its got a very good rating on RACV/NRMA and not to expensive.. i got it for $275 from baby bunting.. i love it!!...and DD falls asleep comfortably in it.


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              I have 6 safe n sound compaq deluxes, i think that says it's all.

              Ours rated really well 2 years ago, the new model is better again.