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Best swimming goggles for kids?

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  • Best swimming goggles for kids?


    Does anyone know a good brand of swimming goggles for kids? Ones that are comfortable and well fitting and wont slide down? Not the mask type though.

    DS is 3 and has some from Rebel which were $25 (so not cheap but not expensive either) and they keep falling down at the back and folding his ears over.

    Planning on going shopping tomorrow. Can anyone help?

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    Not sure of the brand but I buy my DDs at the local swimming pool. They have a range and I think I paid around $20 (maybe less) for them. I've never had a problem with them and they've lasted over 2 years and she uses them once a week


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      The best pair I came across were unmarked from an op-shop! Aside from them, I find Zoggs quite good, but they're the only ones we've tried.

      ETA: Is your lo complains about them being too tight/hurting etc. try to get a pair that has a foam outer part instead of the plastic stuff. They wear out a tad quicker, but they don't suction in as much.