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How much should my 13 month old be talking??

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  • How much should my 13 month old be talking??

    I know we are told not to compare to other babies but i cant help but notice other bubs my DS age are saying words now e.g cat, dog, no

    My DS doesn't say anything! well not anything we occasionally get a dadada and mumma (mumma is a rare occurrence) and thats it

    He seems to understand everything i say e.g go to dad, clap your hands, wave goodbye, hands up/down

    Just wondering if your children were later to speak

    i am not really concerned as i said he understands just interested to hear of other experiences.
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    My DD was only saying a few words at that age - mainly Dad and very occasionally Mum.

    Now at almost 19 months she says heaps of words - the most annoying one being "MUMMMMMMMM". She has even started putting words together in context

    I think if your child understands you then that is the main thing


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      My 13mnth old says mum, dad, bub and oh oh. He babbles on in his own little language which is a good thing so i'm not too worried.


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        My 13 month old said nothing! Not even babble. At 18 months she had 10 words, at 24 months she had over 400 words and talking 5 word sentences. They all develop at their own pace, I wouldn't be worried.


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          My DD had three words at 13 months. By 17 months she had 150.

          13 months is still very young - I would not worry at all!


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            DD is also 13 months, only says mumm...mum..mahh and bye..bye..My DS just started talking as in one meaningful convo when he was 3.


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              DD is just about to turn 14 months, and she only says mumma, dadda, and just recently hello. We also think she tries to say Lala (for Lilly, our dogs name) but ovbiously thats not really a word lol. But like your DD she totally understands us - like 'show dad', 'don't touch', ect.. so we're not worried. She babbles away in her own little language too, and we've come to learn what certain sounds mean so we just encourage her to use words and know that she'll start properly talking in her own time


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                There is such a HUGE range for 'normal' when it comes to speech.

                My first was speaking 2-4 word sentences by 13 months, whereas my second was only understandable by me and DH.

                It is VERY normal for them only to be babbling. Heaps of time left before you should worry.

                It's fantastic that he understands so much, that is the first step. Just keep talking to him, and reading to him, and he will surprise you one day I'm sure.