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How much should a 7 month old vomit?

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  • How much should a 7 month old vomit?

    My DS tends to vomit a lot. He generally vomits after meals but sometimes it can continue (sparodically and in small amounts) until his next feed is due. We are all going through many clothes! He is a 'happy chucker' but i dont know if this amount is normal or not.

    I dont think I am over feeding him. He is combination fed, so his feeds vary between solids, BF and FF. He doesnt finish his bottle, and is never forced to. Should I be decreasing some feeds? I thought that solids shouldnt take over from milk for a while yet, but I feel I should be feeding him more solids by now? His routine is:

    0800 - BF and solids

    1200 - solids, BF and FF

    1600 - solids, BF and FF

    2000 - BF and FF

    Times are approximate. He has been combination fed since 4 weeks old. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    I don't really know for sure, but I thought babies grew out of vomiting after a feed by around 3 months? I could be wrong, but thats what I always thought, and to me a 7 month old vomiting after every feed doesn't seem normal, but then DD1 didn't vomit much at all.
    I hope some one can give you a more solid answer


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      My bub is just over 6 months and he only recently stopped vomiting frequently, it's only been in the last couple of weeks. He used to vomit a fair bit but since changing his formula when he turned 6 months he's only been vomiting once a day, sometimes not at all. I've also decreased his solids over the last week as he's only interested in solids at night so maybe that has something to do with it too.

      I'm not really sure what would be causing your little one to vomit but I'm sure everything is OK


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        Maybe try smaller portions of solids or formula. DD is 13 months and still vomits if she over eats or if i offer the bottle any less than 1 & 1/2 hours after her dinner. And only when she has her night bottle . She can eat a huge lunch and have a bottle not long after and be complete fine. Only started when I put her on formula at 10 months. Now I just have to make sure her dinner is up no later than 4:30 for 6:30 bottle.


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          DS is almost 9 months and is still a happy chucker. He spews at random and its like Russian roulette trying to guess when he will spew next.
          He used to have bad reflux, but that has settled a bit now. He's off his Losec, but he still gets Karicare AR formula as it is thicker and less likely to come up again.
          He too is fed BF, FF and solids. I was talking to my CHN last week about DS getting a little more picky with food, while he used to be a human garbage disposal.
          She said that upto about 8-9 months you give them breast/formula first and then solids. After 8 months you start giving them solids first so that they can get used to that routine for when you stop BF/FF at 12 months.
          When giving DS formula first, he was quite a bit less spewy. But DS is now getting solids first and formula/breast after and he's getting more spewy again

          Reading your post, it shows that you give solids first during the day. Perhaps try the formula first as it might "coat" his stomach with a layer and make it easier to deal with heavy solids. I dont know, Im just spitballing here, but maybe worth a try?


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            Thanks for your replies and suggestions!

            I did start giving milk first (as Misscheif suggested) and his vomiting did decrease. I have let him lead me a bit more and he seems to like it seperated, so I am now trying milk and solids 2 hours apart. I will do this for a while and see if I can gradually get them closer! Dont want to be feeding him all day! I already worry about him wanting 3 course meals when he is older due to getting BF, FF and solids .

            Thanks again! My clothes might last longer now .


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              One of mine was still a "happy chucker" until almost two and a half years old. That's extreme, I believe, but apparently not outside the realm of normal.