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Plastic drink bottles- chemical free need advice please.

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  • Plastic drink bottles- chemical free need advice please.

    I am on the search for a safe drink bottle for my son - the only BPA (?) free ones I can find at the shops are the systema ones and are quite small. Does anyone know if the Smash brand ones are safe (cant find it written on them), or does anyone have a recommendation?
    I'm looking for approx 700ml size.
    Im also wondering what "safe" bottles you use in your fridge at home - we have a bad habit of using empty cordial bottles and im sure this isnt the best way to go.
    Please educate me

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    BPA is only an issue if you are heating them I thought? No problem as cold drink bottles.

    I reuse normal plastic 600ml water bottles for us, we wash them out then refill from a cask of springwater.


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      We use tupperware drink bottles for school.


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        I saw some large metal drinking bottles at Woolworths last week. For the fridge we have some glass 1L bottles, they were around $3-$5 each at K-mart.


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          We use stainless steel water bottles! The water tastes sooo much better than plastic!

          Our insulated ones are Thermos brand... non insulated are Cheeki.

          There are alot online!