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Is my baby hungry?

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  • Is my baby hungry?

    My 5 m 3w old has just started solids 4 days ago.
    Day 1- few little teaspoons of pumpkin soup, loved it.
    Day 2- 2 tablespons pumpkin and silverbeet puree
    Day 3-same as day 2
    Day 4- 3 tablespoons carrot and zuchinni puree.

    She loves it and eats it really fast, gets upset if I take too long to feed her next spoon. Finishes off the amount I give her and seems like she is left wanting more. I am reluctant to give her too much as it s really just the beggining and at this stage all my others just had little licks and kept spitting out. But she doesnt. Is she hungry? Should I give her more?
    She is breastfeed on demand, bf a lot over night. Mostly to resettle, and about 7 times a night. During day she probably feeds 6 times, not very long feeds.
    I have lost my pregnancy weight plus some, and according to my bmi I am underweight, but was always on skinny side - my concern is if she s getting enough breast milk?
    She has about 6 wet nappies a day. We use cloth. And usually a huge dirty nappy every morning. I thjnk shevs 7.5 kg and not a chubby baby, quite tall.
    Should I give her a bottle of formula?

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    Well they say 6 months is when they show interest in food so i think its fine. My daughter was the same. Gave her sone expressed breastmilk and weetbix one day after she tried to steal a hamburger from my hand and into her mouth haha. Gobbled up the weetbix and really enjoyed it. Within 3 days of first giving her solid food, i was preparing 3-4 small meals everyday! Just vege and fruit purees, weetbix and ebm but she would just start opening and closing her mouth at me, so I fed her. I think kids are all different and some just like food more than others. I tried offering boob first, then food but at the start of trying solid foods, she was way more excited about solids. Then after a few weeks, she went back to having more breatfeeds and also eating real food. I reckon she knows what she wants, so if she's happy to eat, give her food and keep offering boob as you would normally do. That's what I would do :-) They know when they are hungry and when they are full :-)


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      The expressed breastmilk and weetbix was my way of still trying to get breastmilk into her because I wanted her to get as much breastmilk as possible for as long as possible. I think she was just really into the novelty of real food at the start :-) I also added ebm into the vege purees like sweet potato too.
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        she sounds pretty spot on to me. she was quite big at birth if memory serves correctly? ok
        just went back and checked
        your journal lol...4.165kg at birth (97th percentile) and 7.5kg at 5.75 months is the 65th percentile. that’s still a very healthy average size.

        i can’t see, if she’s fed on demand, that she wouldn’t be getting enough milk? you’re bf on demand so i don’t see how supply would be an issue. i’m no bf expert of course but i think it works that your supply would be regulated by her demand, so
        failing any outside milk production issues, theoretically she should be getting what she needs.

        babies are designed to survive and will not feed less than what they need so i wouldn’t worry about that. also, she has no idea what solids are. i know we know
        solid food is, well, food...and is designed to fill us up. but remember she doesn’t know that. she’s just sampling new
        flavors and textures and obviously enjoying it.

        i assume you didn’t have these concerns about her being hungry before solids were introduced? nothing has therefore changed, she’s still feeding as much as she was before you gave her solids, therefore i think it sounds like she’s just enjoying the new tastes and texture rather than it being a case of a hungry baby.

        the bf 6-7 times during the night would kill me personally but you’ve said you cosleep therefore i assume she just goes on and gets what she needs without too much fuss or
        effort from you. i’d probably be tempted to offer some formula in the evening to see if it makes her more settled during the night. but there’s no guarantees this will work plus it’ll affect
        your supply, unless you get up and pump while she’s sleeping, which is completely pointless and negates any benefits of her sleeping through.


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          Sounds like my DD. At the time the recommended age was 6m for solids but I started at 5m2w so it wouldn't clash with moving house. She loved solids!!! Would swawk at me with an open mouth when the spoon came like a baby bird! Once she'd had enough she'd clamp her mouth shut and turn her head. She's always been long and lean.

          The big thing I did, as was recommended to me, was to feed her solids after her milk feed. So we'd do a milk feed, burp, nappy change, get food ready and she'd end up eating about 20 min after milk. This method was recommend regardless of breast or bottle feeding. That way you know they aren't filling up too much on solids (which are much less nutrient dense than BM/formula).

          As you're underweight, you may want to consider some formula to keep yourself healthy. I had a friend like this who had to wean at 8mo as she had just lost too much weight and her energy was too low. Bub was getting plenty of milk but it was at the cost of the mum's health. You know how you feel though and some people naturally have a low BMI. You could also try some healthy high calorie foods like nuts and avocado (for yourself, not bub) to help maintain your weight.


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            Thank you everyone.
            I needed the reassurance that she knows what she needs.
            She is keen for solids, so I am taking the advice on board to bf before solids. I didn't do it with others, but it really makes sense.
            Dd had avocado and loves it, its full of good fats.
            We eat a lot of nuts, and love peanut butter. I seem to always be eating. I thought about stopping eating sugar and eating really clean, as I usually keep baby weight on for longer. But I abandoned that idea when I saw how wujckly the weight has been dropping off me. I ll be seeing a dr soon. In the meantime, I ll enjoy my pizza and chocolate (as well as veg and salads)