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FYI: Breastfed babies and Iron!

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    Good thread and great info, thanks Stellarella!!


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      Thanks again for this it has been a huge help and I needed this info to pass on to someone whos baby has been suffering from iron fortiyed foods.

      ETA, didnt want to make it sound like if you give iron fortifyed food's to your baby it makes your baby suffer.Her bub was just suffering constipation she figured out is was the iron fortifyed cerial is all, and she was worried about bubs iron intake, I needed this info to help put her mind at ease.
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        Thanks thats awesome info My iron is always low its shocking but i remember my chn saying that even though mine is low bubs will still get all that they need. Its nice to actually read it like that though

        Now i need to find myself some BM otherwise drink my own LOL to boost my iron up


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          Thanks Ella


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            Very good post, but just a reminder to mums of premmie bubs who breastfeed. Do not stop giving them their ferrous sulphate on the basis of this article. Your baby if born before 32 weeks does not have the iron stores that full term babies have. I fact many premature babies in the nursery such as mine have to have blood transfusions even when being fed breastmilk for low haemoglobin.
            I know that this was mentioned in the article above but I think it was important to reinforce it.


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              Thanks stellarella.

              Question : How long should you take the "Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Supplements " I am still taking the Blackmores ones, DD is 5 months old ?


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                Hey, you dont have to take the blackmores tablets at all, if you have a good diet I would just finish the jar and no get anymore.Another thing I should mention just incase you dont know is bubs get all they need from mothers milk even if the mother is like me and eats lots of chips and drinks to much coke.


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                  Thanks neostudded..


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                    It has been a while since anyone has posted a relpy on this thread. I think it an important thread for all mums to look at. So thank you very much!


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                      Hi, I just saw this post while googling about pregnancy supplements whilst breastfeeding.

                      Firstly, I agree with the statement that our breastmilk has enough iron for bubs, even after 6mths of age (ugh, I had that huge argument with people when my youngest was still a bub!!)

                      My question is this, we are currently TTC bub no 4, and I am still bfeeding our youngest, she is almost 3. She mainly only feeds at bedtime, so is only once a day now, though it can be for an hour or 2!!

                      I have started taking Blackmores pregnancy and breastfeeding gold, for our (hopefully) impending pregnancy, although the past year and a half I have learnt a great deal about food additives and artificial vitamins, etc, I was thinking better to be safe than sorry, and to take the vitamins.

                      Well, our 3 yr old has had major major constipation since Ive started taking these, and she is usually very regular, 3-4 times a day, soft easy stools. Now she is in so much pain, going at least 3 days without a stool. I even bought a stool softener from the chemist (we try natural alternatives to medicines these days, but I was desperate to help her) but she has refused to take it.

                      Is it possible that these pregnancy supplements could be causing the constipation? At first I thought it was the homemade pizza we had made (ham has bad preservatives in it, though we got the lowest nitrate one) but it has been going on for almost a month now (around the same time as when i started taking the supplements). I am very mindful of food additives, and the ham and the supplements are the only things different in hers and my diet.

                      It is also making me wonder if its these supplements as I was taking them when I was pregnant with her, and continued to take them after her birth (for at least a year if I remember rightly). She was a very unsettled baby with major tummy pains, that we had even taken her to peidiatric dr and a gastroenterologist. Looking back, I am now wondering if it was these supplements that was causing her pain, all that time.

                      Has anyone else had experiences like these with supplements and their babies?

                      Sorry for the long post.


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                        I've just had a quick read of the beginning of this thread and thank you for sharing this.

                        My question is my toddler daughter (18months) who I still breastfeed has had two black hard poos today after no poo yesterday. Could it be the liquid iron supplement I have started taking after advice from a naturopath and is it safe?


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                          I was on iron supplements and my son initially had trouble pooing. I put some fennel tea in his water bottle and problem solved. No need for laxatives. Got it from naturopath