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    My eldest is starving when he gets home all kids are hungry.

    He takes 5 mini cucumbers, 2 apples, 2 packs of chips, cheese and crackers, slice of brownie, 2 meat & salad sandwiches, piece of zucchini slice.

    He walks in the door at the same time so I know what time to have afternoon tea ready for him


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      I regularly make choc chip oat muffins and berry/choc chip muffins (with added chia seeds),
      Sweet potato & pumpkin scones,
      Milo balls
      My kids don’t seem to eat much at school, too busy doing other things, I usually only send a sandwich or wrap, a piece of fruit/tub of cut up fruit, and a snack. I was sending more but most of it was coming home.


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        Originally posted by MissMooMumma View Post
        Do any of you Mumma’s have any quick easy recipes for anything egg free? DD preschool is egg, nut & seafood free due to some kids having allergies to them but I’m struggling to find things she might like, muffins, slices etc. TIA
        You can substitute eggs for bananas and Greek yoghurt in muffins


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          I would like to like muffins however mine turn hard.

          Any tips please.

          Yours sound nice & healthy.