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Quick, easy, cheap and healthy dinners?

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  • Quick, easy, cheap and healthy dinners?

    I'm desperate for help! I am now at a point where I have no idea anymore :-( I go grocery shopping and have no idea what to buy for dinner each night, I'm bored with the same things over and over again.

    I wanted to start this thread as I'm sure I'm not the only one that needs help.

    I would love to hear everyone's ideas!!!!

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    Also check out the 'show me your food' thread, there's lots of us sharing our meals and uploading pics. Heaps of ideas there!


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      I'm the same but i've revised this fortnights menu plan and this is what i've got in no order

      Fettuchini Carbonara
      Chicken strips and veg
      Oriental beef & rice
      Satay Chicken
      Lamb cutlets and veg
      Pork chops and veg
      Sticky Chicken drumsticks
      Bolognaise pizza
      Slow cooker roast beef
      Fish cakes
      Butter chicken
      Fish and sweet potato chips

      All is homemade with sauces made from scratch so if you want any recipes let me know.


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        I make a tuna pasta bake. Just pasta, vegetables, tuna and jar of Leggos pasta bake. Tastes great! I also occasionally put in oven dish, pile mashed potatoes on top and then throw in oven til it gets nice crusty top. Yum


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          Homemade pizza is cheap and easy , I usually make a heap of dough and freeze it so on pizza night just pull 3 dough balls out of freezer. It takes less than 5 mins to roll and put your topping on and ten mins to cook in very hot oven ( or BBQ)

          Also our version of kebabs, either lamb fillet or falafel cooked, wrapped in mountain bread with tzatiki and Greek salad

          Fish tacos ( I usually use cod fillets, cubed and stir fry with coriander, garlic, cumin, paprika and lime juice)


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            Roll some beef mince into meatballs with herbed tomato paste, breadcrumbs and egg. Bake in a large tray drizzled with olive oil with a punnet of cherry tomatoes for 20 mins in a mod oven.
            Cook pasta, mix through pesto, add meatballs and tomatoes. Top with parmesan.

            Apricot chicken

            I've also been baking chicken thighs in some kind of sauce lately. Chinese barbecue or honey soy is nice with fried rice, also Dijon mustard and maple syrup is a nice combo.

            Another pasta dish- fry slices of chorizo, then add to a tomato based sauce made with tin cherry tomatoes, tomato paste and a splash of balsamic. Serve on cooked pasta with a handful of rocket and some Parmesan.


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              Homemade pizza
              Wraps, falafels etc
              Fried rice


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                We eat heaps salads...
                Sweet Chilli Chicken Salad
                Greek Lamb Salad
                Ceasar Salad

                I also use alot of the chicken tonight/kan tong sauces when im pushed for time.

                Risottos, so easy to make.

                Thai Green Curry



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                  Subscribing as we're in the same boat, Jenata I would love to try some of your recipes


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                    I love shepherds pie, and it's really easy.
                    Brown chopped onions and mince.
                    Add a can of baked beans, frozen peas, chopped carrots and chopped fresh or tinned tomatoes.
                    Add Worcester sauce, salt, pepper.
                    Boil some potatoes, mash with milk and butter.
                    Put mince mixture in an oven proof dish and top with mash.
                    Put in oven for approx an hour at 180 - 200.
                    Can be topped with cheese.
                    You can also put it in ramekins and freeze.


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                      Butter some bread(how many you need). Cut crusts off. Place butter side down in muffin trays. Press down lightly. Crack a whole egg into each slice of bread. Then put what ever you like on top. I like sun dried tomato, ham or bacon. Peas,corn cheese etc etc. Then bake at 180 for about 20mins. Very easy to make when you have not much in the cupboard. And great cold for lunch the next day.


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                        subbing on phone, i'm in the same boat!


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                          If you have pintrest there are heaps of ideas on there. We tried something different from there for 2 weeks. We could have kept going but then I found a new idea :-)

                          If you have Facebook there was a woman that did 365 Tupperware recipes that you could probably still find. Not all of them meals some were deserts but a lot of them looked yummy

                          Also another idea I found on pintrest (coz we were bored too having the same stuff on the same night every week) you could write down all the meals you like and then each night (or once a week whatever works for you and your shopping) you draw one out. I find it easier to do it fortnightly because then I can do the shopping for all the meals. I have mine written on a card with the recipe on one side so I can draw them out and make a shopping list. We've only just started doing it but we have added quite a few recipes to the list. We stick them up on the pantry door and once the recipe is done we put it to the side so we don't have that again for a while.

                          Or depending on how many people you have in the house that can cook or make food decisions you could give each person a night to be in charge of.