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Diet/Meal plan for 11 Month old Dairy free etc.

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  • Diet/Meal plan for 11 Month old Dairy free etc.

    After many sleepless nights, tummy aches, breathing problems, eczema we sought the help of a naturopath.

    Today DS2 has had vega testing done and it shows he can an intollerance or sensitivity to

    Dairy products/lactose
    artificial sweetners (like in diet yogurt)

    artificial colours 102 badly and also 122

    lacking 4 minerals

    and he has bacteria and fungus in his system

    as well as a low immune system.

    ok we are starting by

    removing dairy, starting on baby biotic acidophilus, starting feroxin mineral supplement.

    Any suggestions for meal plans or lactose free diets would be helpful

    I was going to make my own custard but it has 102 in it.

    thanks in advance

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    Sago or tapioca cooked with Rice Milk or water with stewed fruit

    Orgran custard powder (maize starch, natural vanilla flavour, salt, beta carotene) made up with rice milk (or almond or oat milk)

    Mash potatoe with nuttlex (sunflower oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, water, salt, emulsifiers 471, 322, flovaour, vitamin A,D,E) or grape seed oil

    Buontempo Rice Pasta Spirals (Rice and Maize) and home made bolognaise or tuna and tomatoe paste

    Short post - going out for dinner - I'll post more later


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      contact westmed childrens hospital and ask them for some infromation on dariy free diet for a baby and they well send out little booklets for you

      also tell them about the nuts because arnots has a heap of biscuits that are nut free

      all the best i will see if i can find any info for you


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        thanks heaps guys I love the ideas already.

        thank god my Gp put him on lactose free milk 6 weeks back when he was very ill.


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          any ideas for dairy free deserts?

          any recipes would be greatful xx


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            Plain Fruit/Chopped Fruit/Stewed Fruit/Stewed Fruit

            Jelly - Jelly & Fruit

            Baked Apple Mnnnnn

            Sago/Tapioca with rice milk or stewed fruit

            Diary free breakfast cereal with/witout rice/oat/almond milk

            Rice with almond/oat milk

            Orgran Custard made with Rice/Almond/Oat Milk

            Blanc Mange (Vanilla Custard? with Rice/Almond/Oat Milk

            Rice Pudding made with rice milk

            Icy Poles and Ice Confection


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              Is bubs Lactose Intolerent or Cows Milk Protein Intolerent? There is a difference

              If Bubs is CMPI - then later on he may be able to tolerate a good yoghurt like Jalna - as the yoghurt fermentation process starts to break down the protein.


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                thanks kateo
                at this stage till we can get some furthar tests done i have the understanding its lactose intolerance hopefully just temporary? Due to the fact he had to have so many antibiotic and medication for the first year of his life.
                When we gave him his first chocolate he was extremely ill and when he started crawling and stealing his brothers cows milk he started to get very crook. Apparently he should be able to out grow it and his body may be able to repair itself?

                now im not so sure the naturapath and doctor just said avoid all dairy, peanuts artificial colours and sweetners


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                  With dairy free desserts I make just the normal dessert (say for example I want to make cake) - I just substitute any milk for soy and any butter for soy butter

                  It works for any dessert where there is dairy. The list is endless of desserts you can make by just substituting the dairy in it.

                  (You can get dairy free chocolate and dairy free cheese too for future reference).