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    Our son has is 6 months and we have tried to introduce some solids to him with no sucess. We have tried with Rice Cereal mixed with EBM, pumkin and sweet potatoe. But I don't think it is a flavour/texture thing but more a physical 'thing'. Even when I am feeding him he often comes off the breast coughing and spluttering and on the few times we have had to give him any medicine we have had to be really careful as if we don't give it to him really slowly he has gagged and thrown up.
    At 6 weeks he was diagnosed as lactose intolerant as he was projectile vomitting so now I have no lactose in my diet .... the couple of times I have he has vomitted again. Where is the best place to get info on introducing solids to children with intolerances???? (That's if he ever has any!!!).
    It is frustrating as our first son, who showed no signs of being interested in food, (as this one does) just opened his mouth and we shovelled anything in...

    Really hoping you can help us!!!


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    Reply: the pero clinic

    Please talk to your CHN, doctor or paediatric feeding specialist if your little boy continues to gag or cough when breastfeeding or eating solids.

    the pero clinic