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Weaning 20 month old

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  • Weaning 20 month old

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, and don’t think as many of you are here anymore.

    I’m struggling with weaning my 20 month old DD off breastfeeding. The only reason I’m trying to wean is as I’ll have to leave her with family for 2 nights for a wedding (that’s another story) and don’t want to end up with mastitis from stopping cold turkey before the wedding but she just loves breastfeeding and I don’t know where to start. I’m at such a loss and I feel bad making her stop for such stupid reasons.

    Any help is appreciated

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    I have no experience weaning as both of my DD's just gradually weaned themselves, so feel free to ingore my comments, but do you have to wean her? If she's not ready and you're happy to keep feeding her, could you maybe just express for the 2 days/nights you're away? I assume by now she's having enough solids and water so she would be okay if she wasnt breastfed for a few days. I dunno if it's that easy or if expressing would keep mastitis at bay, but it sounds like neither of you really want to do this right now.