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  • breastfeeding

    i wanted to know if 3 feeds a day and 2 during the night is enough for my 13 month old... She is previously 'fed on demand' whenever she wanted it she could have it. Due to the fact she has been waking every hour at night for a few months i have decided to lenghten the time between feeds to 4 hours. I am also trying to break the habit of going to sleep on the breast. I b'feed her after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Is she getting enough milk? Is she too full after solids to really get enough? Is 4 hours too long between feeds? Will my milk 'dry up' completely? Or will i have enough for those feeds? I dont want to wean her yet, but by creating a schedule of feeds ill make it easier to drop feeds when i do. I love breastfeeding, and am just worried if she is getting enough milk??