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  • Paid parental leave or baby bonus

    Just wondering how other people have found the online baby bonus vs parental leave calculator. Has what it suggested been the best option for people to take? I used it earlier today and it suggests that the paid parental leave is the best option for me by about $2000. I earn an ok wage and will be receiving income (lsl) prior to taking the paid leave, plus will have worked for the remainder of the year so I thought my tax would have been higher. I tried putting in some dummy figures to see at what point it would recommend the baby bonus, but it kept telling me I'd be better of by approx $2000 with ppl no matter what I put in, so just wondering if others found it to be accurate.I've toyed with the idea of asking my accountant to figure it out when I get my tax done, but no doubt that will cost me a bit of extra money for him to calculate and I don't want to waste money if the online calculator is pretty accurate. Thanks

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    I kept getting baby bonus was better for the life of me I can't manually calculate how! My grandpa/account it had a quick look and couldn't solve it, so he has asked me to get a flyer or something about it from centrelink..I don't trust the online thing haha


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      Hi, my name's Ingrid and I work with the Department of Human Services in a team that responds to questions about Centrelink payments and services on social media sites like this one.

      The Paid Parental Leave Comparison Estimator is a great way to help you decide which payment is a better financial decision for your family. The estimator factors in a lot of things, such as;

      Baby Bonus
      Family Tax Benefit Part A
      Family Tax Benefit Part B
      Income Tax
      Large Family Supplement (if applicable)
      Low Income Tax Offset
      Medicare Levy
      Parental Leave Pay

      It's important to note thought that the estimator does not provide a rate of payment or assess your eligibility, but will ask you to answer questions on your circumstances and will provide you with a comparison between the two payments. There's more on this here:

      If you need further information you should contact the Families helpline on 136 150. Calling early, just after 8am is best to avoid extended call wait times.

      All the best.


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        It told me I would be better off with baby bonus, however it didn't take in to account that I am not eligible for baby bonus because of the means test...!


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          hated the calculator - told me for ages I was better off by either $1200 or $200 with the baby bonus then suddenly swapped to PPL was the better option. All I changed was the dates I got the money paid to me. After that it wouldn't go back to saying BB was better no matter what I entered.