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Feed your family for $50 a week!

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  • Feed your family for $50 a week!

    While I am new to Bubhub, after reading through many threads, I found it has upset me to read that people are unable to feed their families come the end of the week.

    I have been thinking about this for a few days now, and today I went down to Coles armed with my notebook and pen to figure out how we can feed a family of 4 for $50.

    While I am not claiming for these meals to be the most nutritious, tasty or worthy of a spot on Gordon Ramsey's latest menu, the idea here is to prevent the kids from going hungry, while trying to focus on the 2 fruit and some veg a day for the kids.

    Again, I have put this together as a last resort, I am not a dietitician or nutritionist or anything like that, nor have I tried any of the Coles products I have listed.

    Take a look.

    Breakfast for 7 days (whole family): Weetbix (3or 4 per person) If there is enough bread left at the end of the week, you can have jam on toast.

    Lunch: Kids: 1 apple, 1 banana, cut carrot sticks, sandwich with jam, water in a drink bottle from home. Adults, left over sausage sandwich, pasta in a plastic container from the previous nights dinner or jam sandwiches.

    Dinner day 1: Baked beans on toast
    Dinner day 2: Chicken drumsticks with mash spud, fresh carrot and frozen mixed vegetable
    Dinner day 3: Pasta with 2 onions, half of each capsicum, jar of pasta sauce and 1 loaf of garlic bread
    Dinner day 4: Bangers and mash with fresh carrot and frozen vegies
    Dinner day 5: Pasta as day 3.
    Dinner day 6: Fried rice with fresh onion, carrot and mixed frozen vegies
    Dinner day 7: Sausages in bread on the BBQ with 'Ratatouille (is that what it is called - cut up onion, capsicum, whatever veg is left over and grilled)

    Here is the price list (prices are as at Coles today. Items marked with an * are on special this week) Items in bold are the Coles Savings brand.

    2 loaf bread $2.18
    2 packets pasta $1.18
    2 jar pasta sauce $3.18
    1 packet of sausages $8.00*
    8 chicken drumsticks 3.00*
    5 onions $1.50
    2 packet carrots 4.46 (these can come on sale for 99c a packet)
    2 green casicum 2.00
    1 bunch bananas 1.59
    10 apples $1.95*
    5 kg bag potatoes 5.98 (this bag may last 2 weeks)
    1 large box weetbix $2.91
    3 litres milk $3.09
    1kg packet frozen peas and corn $1.59
    2 can baked beans $1.38
    2 garlic bread $1.79
    2KG packet white rice $2.99 (This should last more than one wee)
    1 jar jam $1.50

    Total cost $50.27

    If you have a few extra dollars, enhance your pasta by buying a block of coles tasty cheese for 3.98 for $500 gram. This will also do for cheese sandwiches and cheese on toast!

    Hope this helps some families!

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    Well done, this is awesome
    DS1 – 10, DD1 – 9, DS2 – 7, DS3 - 4


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      Awesome post! it is really hard reading all these posts about families struggling and not being able to help.


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        I'm sure you could even buy more shopping at Aldi's or Franklins


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          Well done!!

          Sadly us being vegetarian and my son having multiple allergies (gluten free especially = $$$$$!!! blows out that budget somewhat but I do get where you are coming from.

          very helpful!


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            Great thread my DD is Gluten intolerant but i havent had many problems with her eating almost the same as i like to get as many fruit veg as i can and the sausages at coles are a great buy and GF will keep this in mind and try it out especially after my horrid week last week


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              I think this is a gorgeous thread hunny!

              What a lovely thing to spend your time on!

              Unfortunately when you are gluten intollerant, allergic to dairy, have PCOS and along with that insulin resistance issues requiring low carb, low GI foods and are vegan it makes food a bit more complex


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                my3cubs, i could do a list and pm you if you want. Ds is also gluten free aned we eat minimal meat usually some tuna or a roast chook occasionly.


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                  i think you are amazing

                  what a wonderful beautiful person you are to want to reach out and spend your own time doing soo


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                    What a lovely, selfless thing you have done. I think this may really help some people. Yes, there are some families with intolerances and allergies (we are one of them) but there are loads without and this is a wonderful help to those families.


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                      Tangerine Mummy that would be awesome!!!

                      Feeling the love...........


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                        I think this is a fantastic thread I know it gets tricky when you get special eating requirments thrown in the mix (thankfully my family has avoided all of those to date) but I think the idea behind it is brilliant and also very lovely and sweet.

                        Maybe some of the GF mumma's have some similar cheaper ideas that they use for tight weeks (eg it seems the coles sausages which are cheap do fall into the GF catagorey?!)


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                          Yeah the sausages are GF pack of about 20-22 i think for $8 and they are yum


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                            I agree, what a lovely, kind thing to do! Some great meal ideas there!! We really need a LIKE button like Facebook....


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                              I have a recipe that gave us a meal for under $5 many times. tuna mornay - 2tbs butter, 2tbs flour and 300ml milk approx to make white sauce then add 425g tin tuna and a tin of spaghetti. season with salt and pepper and simmer. serve with cheap veges. yum.