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Feed your family for $50 a week!

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    Originally posted by SausageFest View Post
    Though DP is such a carnivore I think he would go kill some sort of animal so we didn't go without meat lol. I wish I was joking haha.

    I would do the same if I had too..


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      Originally posted by GoldyMum View Post
      Id love to hear some recipes to feed the family around $5-10. Especially ones that make alot so you can freeze plenty for later. Ideas?

      My recipe could be doubled or even tripled i think for around that much (because some of the veges could be used throughout the week with other meals) and stored...


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        Originally posted by ~CupCakes~ View Post
        i think you are amazing

        what a wonderful beautiful person you are to want to reach out and spend your own time doing soo


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          Good job travelmum - very nice of you to go to the effort to help others.

          Another tip i have for those struggling is to use lentils - dry lentils are pretty cheap and are great at bulking up meals and filling up tummies.
          I ate a lot of lentils when i younger and had a tiny grocery budget.


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            I have a delish pumpkin and lentil curry if anyone is interested.

            If your kids are a bit older, curries are excellent. They freeze well, you can make them in bulk and vegetable curries are great. You can also use older meats - like mutton - and cook thyem very slowly and they curry really well. The spices ext also last for ages and you don't use much at a time


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              What a wonderful idea you had, and fantastic that you went to such an effort to help others.


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                Jender: Yeah, can you post the curry recipe? Do love a good cheap curry!!


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                  Originally posted by GoldyMum View Post
                  Id love to hear some recipes to feed the family around $5-10.
                  When things have been tight and especially for the month that DH lost his job I went to a lot of effort to find cost affective ways to feed the family. I can't lay my hands on the recipes right at this minute due to it being dinner time, but as soon as I can i will come back on here and list some.

                  One that comes to mind though was fresh chicken drumsticks (as it's often the cheapest cut of chicken but you can buy a different portion if you prefer or have the money etc) marinaded in soy sauce mixed with approx 1/4 cup of honey served on a bed of rice. Cheap, easy & filling (providing you don't have allergies or a special needs diet) This is even cheaper if you already have back up supply of rice in your pantry (we buy a 10kg bag about twice a year when they are on special - usually $10-$15 - to guarantee no one will ever starve - I have been known to sit down to a bowl of rice with a light sprinkling of soy sauce when things have been tough and have actually enjoyed it as something different!)

                  Another was a packet of hokkien noodles from the supermarket fridge, a bag of frozen stir fry vegies (the ones that usually comes with a sauce satchet in them) and a couple of chicken breasts or a few thighs cut up (or a rump steak if you prefer beef or it's on special etc.) Stir fry the vegies and the meat, heat the noodles in a bowl of boiling water (eg. boil the kettle and pour over the noodles. Stir them around with a for to separate after a few minutes & they will be hot and ready to eat in approx 5 minutes) Serve however your prefer (either meat and veg on noodles or all 3 things mixed together)

                  quick, easy, basic quiche = 3 or 4 eggs, 150g diced bacon, 1/2 cup grated cheese, 3/4 cup pastry mix, 1 & 1/2 cups milk, diced onion, salt and pepper to taste. Mix altogether in no particular order in a mixing bowl. Pour into a greased quiche dish and bake for about 45 minutes at 180 degrees. Serve alone or with salad or vegies. Don't know the cost on this one - but we do this often so it musn't be expensive.

                  Will be back soon when I actually find my lists and recipes
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                    Roast pumpkin soup - roast a medum pumpkin, 2 onions and 4 large potatos for 45 mins at 180°C then puree with a stick blender add some milk and stock for the right consistency, we like it thick, and salt and pepper for seasoning. serves a family of 5 for 2 meals. i serve with bread. variation: use coconut milk and curry powder for a spicy pumpkin soup or add bacon and some herbs. This soup is easy to make in large quantities and freezes really well. the kids love it!
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                      Originally posted by 3boysnpregnant View Post
                      Here is my Recipe. It may cost more to make the first time as you need some spices if you dont already have them in the cupboard but even the first time I made it having to buy everything I think it came to $7 max...

                      1 Medium Carrot Cut finely
                      2 Sticks of celery.. Cut finely (they sell these as individual sticks if you cant find for a whole bunch to be used else where in the week)
                      1 onion Cut finely
                      1/2 cup (handful) beans Cut into one centimetre pieces
                      1 Zuchinni diced finely (sp?)
                      1 tin crushed tomato (I used homebrand)
                      1 teaspoon crushed garlic (again I got coles brand.. but this will last me months now)
                      1/4 teaspoon oregano
                      1/2 teaspoon basil (had to buy both of these but again this will last me for months and may already have in the cupboard.
                      Water fill your tomato can once and add that water.. Add a little more if you would like more liquid.

                      In a frying pan.. Lightly spray with cooking oil or put a little bit of marg or oil..

                      Put in carrot, celery, onion and garlic. Soften for about five minutes.

                      Add beans, crushed tomatos, oregano, basil and water.

                      Bring to the boil. stirring occasionally. Simmer for 10-15 minutes stirring occasionally... 5 minutes before the end add zuchinni.


                      If you wanted too there are many things you could add to the recipe.. any other veges you have at home.. 1 tablespoon tomato paste, pasta or even some meat.. I have it as just veges.. Because it makes it a "free" food (all good stuff) I know its not like a normaly recipe and there are probably a million spelling mistakes but thats how we make it here!

                      I am the pickest eater EVER and Even I eat it! But Im pretty sure it is suitable for vegans AND vegetarians..?

                      But after initially getting the garlic and the two spices it is the cheapest resipe i have ever made! And can be stored in the fridge and eaten over the next few days.. Either hot or cold!
                      Thanks for that
                      I have a similar recipe, and I add some pasta to the soup- usually par cook it, then add it in while it is still a little hard so it soaks up some soupy juices. It makes things go a little further


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                        Lentil and Pumpkin curry - easily feed four adults

                        1 can lentils (or bag)
                        30g butter or oil
                        1 onion
                        2 tsp ginger
                        2 tsp garlic (crushed)
                        2 tsp garam marsala
                        2 red chillies (fresh or dried)
                        1 kg pumpkin (cubed)
                        30g tamaring pulp (get it at supermarkets) dissolved in 1/2 cup water and strained
                        2 cups water
                        1 cup fresh coriander (optional)

                        prepare lentils (wash and drain if tinned, soaked overnight if bag).
                        Heat butter or oil in medium pot and add onion, cook until tender and add ginger, garlic, garam masala and chillies. Cook for 2 minutes then add pumpkin. Coat with mixture, then add tamarind pulp, simmer for 10 minutes then add lentils, when all tender and liqiud reduced, remove from heat and stir through half coriander leaves. Serve with steamed rice and with other half coriander


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                          Last night i made my girls and i mince with mashed potato and veg

                          500g mince which was $2.54
                          continental mild mince curry mix $1 something found it in the cupboard.
                          Potatoes about 4-6 medium size $1.58
                          Mixed veg $2.60 for 500g only need about 2 cupfulls or so

                          Brown the mince and add the curry mix and water
                          peel & boil potatoes until they are soft enough to mash
                          Boil veg until cooked.

                          Serve up my kids love some sauce (and so do i) with it its an extremly mild mix has no heat at all.


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                            What about...

                            Tomato and Sausage Risotto...

                            6 sausages
                            2 cups aborio rice
                            1 tin diced or crushed tomatoes
                            1 brown onion, finely chopped
                            1 clove garlic, crushed
                            2 cups chicken stock made with stock powder
                            1 cup frozen peas
                            2 tbsp oil

                            Heat 1 tspn in fry pan. Fry sausages in pan. Chop into inch-long pieces when cooked.

                            Heat 1 tbsp oil in saucepan. Add onion and garlic and cook, stirring, for a few mins. Add rice. Mix for 1 min. Add tomatoes and 1/4 cup of stock. Once the stock has been soaked up by the rice, add another 1/4. Repeat until all stock is gone and rice is cooked. Add peas with last bit of stock. Season with salt and pepper.

                            Serve (serves about 6 I'd say).


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                              These are great!! Love the basic ones
                              Im going to get a card file box thingy and start writing down as they come in so I can start experimenting on my children


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                                Wow what a lovely thread.