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Meal ideas for meal planning budget tips - feel free to add to them

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    Great suggestions everyone Thanks for that


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      A spin off on the spaghetti bolognaise...

      I cook a spag bol casserole - sounds complicated but it isn't - It freezes well.

      cook your spag bol as normal (pasta & mince)

      Make a cheesey (or whatever flavour) white sauce to pour over the top of the combined spag bol in a casserole dish. whatever depth you like. You can add parmesan or cheese on top if you wish.

      Cook in oven till brown on top or heated through.... I then let it cool and serve into smaller size portions and freeze.


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        I'd also cook

        Savoury mince on toast (vegies included)
        mince / potato bake - layering potato and precooked mince.

        In my rissoles I add a potato/pumpkin mashed content - makes the rissoles soft, also add grated carrot. sneaking in the vegetable content without little ones knowing

        Zucchini slice - bit like quiche

        Different vegie options

        Corn, carrot, peas (nearly anything) covered with white sauce & cubed buttered bread on top & cheese & oven baked

        Mixed vegie bake - insert potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, onion etc.... as normal potato bake.

        Pikelets - I have never made a packet mix before, its quick and easy. (If you need my recipe just ask)

        Scones - again, I am a pro at these. I get asked for these at work, I have them mixed and on in less than 15 mins. I use an egg, the rest is cupboard staples.

        For something different to offset some meals, I have been known to make Damper (you can do GF versions)
        A real spin is my Tropical damper - use either coconut milk to wet flour, or add some coconut milk powder (when on special)
        It's a filler for the meal, plus great cold and to eat later on.

        Ever tried Silverside/Corned beef - roasted??? Its a different spin, but yummy.

        Tomato & onion gravy sausages.

        A treat - due to prep time...


        round or topside, when nearly frozen slice into tiny cubes.
        1 large onion, diced same size as beef
        Potatoes - diced same size as meat.

        meat to vegie ratio - look you can add more vegie to bulk it out. It's a try thing.
        puff pastry
        1 egg to use as glue for the pastry and to glaze them

        after dicing all meat & vegies, add seasoning if you wish (simple salt and pepper is fine) Mix this in a large bowl & set aside.

        Puff pastry - make sure you have got it out of the freezer and its pliable but not too warm.
        Lay out the sheets, with a knife, cut the square down the middle so you have 2 halves.
        paint with the egg brush around the edge of each rectangle. (this helps you seal it up)
        fill down the middle with 3-4 tablespoons of mixture (not too much as it makes folding hard)
        Fold or wrap up the parcels & pinch up the ends and roll slightly. transfer to tray. line them up on a greased or sprayed tray, glaze them all with egg or milk - once full place in over (150-180)
        Watch - these are ready when a nice golden brown.

        Yummy hot or cold!


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          I make a cheesy vege pasta bake.

          Frozen vegies (peas, corn and carrot) and usually I throw in some fresh spinach or brocolli.

          Cook pasta.

          Make a white sauce (milk, flour and a bit of cheese)

          mix cooked pasta and vegies together, cover with white sauce. Sprinkle with cheese or breadcrumbs and bake for twenty minutes.

          I can then freeze it and it will usually do three nights dinner for myself, DF and my toddler.


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            so this week chicken was a bit pricey, but I wanted to make enchiladas. so I bought some tortillas, the enchilada sauce, cheese and Sausages.

            I halved the sausages, and cut into pieces and cooked in frying pan. Then added onion, and sauce once they were cooked.
            make up enchiladas and into the oven.

            not the same as chicken enchiladas, but alot cheaper. especially when you buy sausages in bulk.


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              I LOVE generic supermarked brand cake mixes! they are under $1 and can be made into cakes or cupcakes and can be flavoured in thousands of ways!!

              I've recently found a recipe to make cookies out of cake mix that is quick, cheap as and fantastic for kids lunch boxes!

              Cake Mix Cookies!
              1 packet of cake mix (you can use any flavour)
              2 eggs
              60ml vegtable oil

              Mix into a dough
              roll into walnut sized balls and place a few cm's apart of a lined baking tray
              cook in a preheated oven (180 degrees) for 10-15minutes.

              These are very versatile and can be flavoured however you like. I've used a choc cake mix and added white choc bits. Butter cake mix with sultana's and some allspice added and vanilla cake mix with mini m&m's.....


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                There are some really good ideas in this thread.
                I am currently on maternity leave and not earning any money so have to be more careful with what I spend at the supermarket.
                One of the things I have discovered recently is how nice a whole chicken is when cooked in the slow cooker. I just buy a marinated chicken ($6 at the market) and then put it in for 4 hours approx on high. You can put scrunched up alfoil in the bottom to stop the chicken stewing in its juices but I didn't do it tonight and found it wasn't necessary. You can season it yourself if you like - last time I put a whole lemon in the cavity and rubbed mixed herbs and salt into the skin. Cheap and low fat too - amazing how tender the chicken is - even the breast meat which I usually find too dry.
                Also am loving lentil and bacon soup at the moment - using brown lentils and bacon bones. DH really enjoys this one. I can post the recipe if anyone is interested.


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                    Soups, lots of different kinds and they are not overly expensive and can make a huge large pot full. That with toasts, or any kind of bread, is filling, healthy with vegies, and delicious and filling!!

                    Chicken/Paste soup - Basic but its damn delicious
                    2 Leeks
                    3-4 Onions (Whole)
                    3-5 Carrots
                    Pasta shells, small
                    3-5 Potatoes (diced)
                    Chicken Breasts x2 (added whole then shredded when cooked)
                    celery optional
                    Chicken Stock

                    Sounds maybe plain, but it really is delicious

                    Beef Soup, Vegie Soup, Loads of different kinds of Soups but they are cheap and as I said can make very large quantities and lasts a few days


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                      Bacon bones in soup help to add flavour too

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                          Meal ideas for meal planning budget tips - feel free to add to them

                          Subbing :-)