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Pensioner / Health Card Discounts

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  • Pensioner / Health Card Discounts

    Pensioner and Health Cards entitle you to an array of discounts, not just for Health Care. However, it's very difficult to know what discounts are available and info on the Centrelink website is limited.

    To help all our parents out there who have these cards, lets keep a thread here of all the discounts that apply.

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    Free reading glasses from OPSM (though you have to fill out an application form) if you have a pension card.


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      you get free train tickets, 4 a year. Although you have to pay for a booking fee

      also you can get free rego


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        free rego? really? how???


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          When i had my HCC kinder fees were dramatically reduced normally $150 a term they were ony $45 a term

          School fees (EMA) reduced

          Cheaper rego (saved about $150 and had option to pay 6 monthly)

          Pet registrations 50% discount

          Some vets would also have a HCC or pension day where you saved 25%


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            Originally posted by borntobemummy View Post
            free rego? really? how???
            Umm i think so anyway!! i think you just have to pay for your greenslip.

            You can do your driving test for free and you get your licence for free too. Correct me if im wrong


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              Originally posted by jaxcoop View Post
              Umm i think so anyway!! i think you just have to pay for your greenslip.

              You can do your driving test for free and you get your licence for free too. Correct me if im wrong
              Yep free rego, but only for pension card, not HCC.


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                oh, we just have HCC


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                  It differs from state to state as well because in Qld you don't get any discounts at Transport (RTA) on anything apart from rego and even then it's only about $50 for the year (for a pension card holder).

                  Different departments have different regulations in different states. It's very confusing!


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                    Half price entry into Dreamworld with a PCC


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                      Yeah the different states thing is difficult.. but maybe we could mention which state we're from and what discounts we get??

                      I know some things would be national, say getting an ambulance should very much be free for concession card holders.

                      In NSW, car rego is free, licenses and pretty much everything at the rta is free.
                      There are discounts on insurance, CTPs etc as well.

                      Everything under utilities should be discounted - water, gas, electricity, phone (landline only?) just have to notify the company of your card.

                      And my favourite is mail redirection, heavily discounted with a concession card. Last time I did it, 6 months only cost me $17 and proved quite a good choice as a medicare letter was sent out about 5 months after I moved.

                      Other things would be worth looking into is council rates and pretty much every entertainment venue you can think of.. some places advertise no concession discounts, but very rarely.
                      Very worthwhile asking especially if you go to kids concerts etc


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                        I want a HCC.

                        You can also use your motor club card for HEAPS of discounts. It is worth the $50 odd dollars a year, even if you don't break down.
                        Last edited by mum23girls; 23-10-2007, 16:28. Reason: Would rather a loving husband than a HCC to live cheaper!!


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                          You will only find limited info on the Centrelink website because Centrelink issue the cards fro the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme only (cheaper prescriptions, healthcare). Individual organisations can offer different concessions to cardholders, but this has nothing to do with Centrelink so its always worth asking around if any concessions are offered.


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                            sorry to take over the thread but just wondering what is the differance between the pension card and a HCC.
                            Is it the color?


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                              Health Care Cards are for people in receipt of the dole/parenting payment/etc alone, or those families with low incomes (under a certain threshold)

                              The pension car is for those in receipt of a pension and Single Parenting Payment.

                              There are different concessions for both cards, some are the same, but there are a few differences. Normally a pension card holds more concessions.