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Cot lowered as baby gets bigger

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  • Cot lowered as baby gets bigger

    We got the Leander cot which sides do not drop. I’m a short person at just under 160cm tall. I currently rock Bub to sleep then place him in the cot at the high level setting as Bub still does not crawl, roll etc.

    I’m concerned that when he does and when I have to lower the cot bed down to the lowest setting, I will have lots of trouble putting him down in bed without waking him up. I have doubts I’ll be able to get him to start sleeping in the cot to start with, so i don’t need to place him in stealth.

    How do you manage to get your Bub in the cot at this stage? Thoughts on what I may need to start practising or prepping for, ahead of the days ahead? Thanks!

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    We put our babies down sleepy/calm but awake and pat through bars of cot if needed.

    If that isn’t an option could you get a little step to put beside the cot?


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      By that age, might be a good opportunity to teach bubba how to self soothe himself to sleep? We are trying now with my DD at three months and it’s bloody hard work!


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        My bub is 8 mos and still doesn't self soothe/settle very well. I'm not rushing it though. I'm same height as you so when i put her down i sometimes sort of plop her(lol) because the cot is too deep for my arms, she stirs up a little bit. But i turn on white noise a fee minutes before putting her down, dim lights too so she doesn't wake up properly. Just a few pats and humming she's ok.
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          Yes I just got a baby safe non slip step. Hope that works...

          I reckon I’ll need to try get Bub to self settle as he gets older... so it will not be a problem getting him the cot drowsy to sleep. That’s the goal!


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            Our Bub’s 4 months and putting him in drowsy and patting him or the bed just does not work! lol. 🤞🏼