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Getting ready for cyclone season.

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    It's great you've posted this. I think we're pretty safe from winds around here, mainly just floods and power outages that will affect us. However, my windows will still be taped up and everything outside that can't come inside is tied down and put in a place where it's least likely to cause problems in cyclonic conditions.

    Our 72 hour pack has the memory cards from the digital camera which are in plastic cases and all of them in those plastic zip-seal bags. I don't delete pictures unless they're really bad and not worth keeping, so when one memory card fills up I buy a new one and put that one away.

    It has all the other essentials too of course, torches, spare batteries, clothing, toiletries, cash, food, etc and it's in an easily accessible place so we can grab and run. It also has a basic first aid kit and other things we'd need to use in that time.


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      I'm running around now getting things organised. I can't do the heavy stuff so DP will have to do that when he gets home. DP is actually getting on my nerves a bit. I've asked him to clear out the car port (we've got a load of stuff in there that needs to come inside) and other stuff to prepare, and he's just doesn't seem worried or like we need to do all this stuff to prepare. The cyclone might not hit or whatever, but it's so much better to be prepared if it does. We have a 4 month old to think about too. I'm quite annoyed with DP actually. Anyway, I'm doing as much as I can. DD had her 4 month needles yesterday and is a bit crook, so I've got my hands full at the mo!! Anyway, rant over. I'll post anymore updates from the BOM. Just call me Bubhubs weather girl, lol.


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        We are north odf Cardwell but we are getting things ready too. Larry was predicted to hit there too but hooked north. I have my fingers crossed for everyone to stay same.
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          Originally posted by *Cj*
          Are you ready?????

          yep, we got ready the day i heard it was out there.


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            Originally posted by IndigoJ View Post
            yep, we got ready the day i heard it was out there.

            going to keep adding "are you ready" and deleting the last post just to move it up .

            We try to be ready at all time's. We are about to refill our Bottle's with water about 100lt+.
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              Are you ready?????

              clean the yard up and tie everything down or put it in the house or shed.

              Make sure your rubbish bins are put away in the house or shed.
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                Good luck ladies hope he decides that he likes it better at sea


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                  In that case stay safe ladies I hope it isn't too bad xxxxxx


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                    It looks like Queensland is in for a rough cyclone season according to the news. After the cyclone hitting us in March I'm getting prepared early after reading this article.

                    AN URGENT briefing from Queensland's top weather forecaster has been ordered by the Bligh Government as concerns mount that the state is facing a devastating cyclone season and the worst flooding in more than a century.

                    In an unprecedented move, weather bureau state director Jim Davidson will brief Premier Anna Bligh and her ministers tomorrow about the threat of up to six cyclones developing along the coast including the southeast this summer.

                    Gale-force winds yesterday battered the state after a week of torrential rain, and Mr Davidson will warn that the emergence of a rare La Nina weather pattern has created an ``increased risk'' of severe cyclonic activity between December and March.

                    ``This is not a run-of-the mill La Nina,'' he will say in the presentation.

                    ``Expect with some degree of confidence a fairly active cyclone season and a continuation of the above-average rains and associated flooding.''

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                    Ms Bligh yesterday said she had asked Mr Davidson to address Cabinet because it was important the Government was ready after recent disasters such as Cyclone Larry in 2006.

                    ``It is clear to me that there is a heightened sense of concern in the community,'' the Premier told The Sunday Mail.

                    ``I do not want Queenslanders to be unduly alarmed but it is my responsibility as Premier to make sure we are as prepared as we can be for whatever nature might throw at us.

                    ``This is an unprecedented move. I want my ministers, our Government and the public to be prepared.''

                    Mr Davidson said the weather pattern meant an increased risk of cyclones tracking further south than normal.

                    Another leading weather expert warned that a southeast cyclone could trigger the biggest flood to hit Brisbane in 120 years - and residents should prepare for it now.

                    Meteorologist Jeff Callaghan, who retired from the weather bureau last year, said a repeat of the massive 1893 flood event would be devastating for Brisbane and surrounding regions.

                    ``Never mind 1974 ... a repeat of the 1893 floods, that's what I would be concerned about,'' Mr Callaghan said.

                    The highest of three flood peaks in Brisbane City in 1893 was 8.35m on February 5 2.9m higher than in 1974.

                    Mr Callaghan said it was inevitable a flood as big as 1893 would happen again.

                    ``We have had a lot of large rain events over the past few years ... you could assume we may have entered a new wet weather cycle,'' he said.

                    ``The 30-odd years prior to 1976-77 were dominated by La Nina patterns and the 30 years since have been El Nino-dominated.

                    ``But since about 2005 we have begun to see more large rainfall and cyclone events, so the question is whether we are entering a 30 or even 100-year wet cycle.''

                    Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman warned that no amount of flood mitigation works would protect low-lying areas of the city.

                    Hydrologist Tony Weber, of eWater Cooperative Research Centre, said flooding would depend on where the rain fell.

                    ``If it falls, say, in the Bremer and Lockyer rivers, we will have very little control over flooding,'' Mr Weber said.

                    ``But if it falls in the Upper Brisbane and Stanley River catchment, we have some limited control ... but we shouldn't be looking at the Wivenhoe Dam to save us.''

                    Former flood task force director and professor of civil engineering Colin Apelt said Brisbane sat on a vast flood plain and the risks were still high.

                    ``People have been lulled into a false sense of security,'' he said.


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                      Yep that time of year again. Time to make sure the yard remains tidy at all times so that clean up and tie-down is easy in a hurry. Time to make sure there's enough water in bottles to through in case it's needed. Time to stock up on canned fruit, veg, baked beans, meals in a tin () haha as disgusting as they are! Time to make sure the house is prepared in case a cyclone is announced just to make clean ups and taping windows and storing items easy and fast when needing to be done in a hurry.

                      I really do love living here and would only go north, not south! Cyclones, floods, bushfires, snakes, crocodiles and all, I do love NQ!


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                        Cyclone kit is good to go I just need a couple more batteries.


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                          Yeah that fun fun fun time off year again.

                          Make sure your ready

                          Good Job Bellini and Mummabear03. Littleskippy it's a worry I think there will be lots around this year.


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                            Hmm I am beeing slack this year I have batteries and the torch but no radio - not sure I am going to get one either as we should be leaving so this will hoepfully be our last year of cyclones. The cupboard is sort of stocked for it but need more noodles cause you're right tinned meals Luckily we have a camper trailer which has a kitchen in it so we can still at least boil water (we have one of those butane stoves somewhere too might have to dig it out) Car filled and will keep it over 3/4 full and the reserve tank full incase - cause you can't buy fuel during a cyclone and after it is reserved for emergency vehicles only) Will have to look at the clean up - not too much to be done a few trees need a prune and the outdoor stuff pu away but most of it can be done at the last minute - as we still use what little we have out there. I do have to suss out our water situation - I think I have some here but will need more - hmmm shopping list go!


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                              We're moving too SS - my last year of cyclone season, hooray!


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                                Originally posted by Bellini View Post
                                We're moving too SS - my last year of cyclone season, hooray!