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Any one else with an Epi Pen kid??

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    Originally posted by mummyofmia View Post
    How do you do it with 10 kids in the home ( I'm assuming they are all at home). I find it hard to get my 17 year old DS to be careful not to leave food ( and other dangerous objects) lying around. My hat goes off to you!
    I understand what you are saying, my kids all know about the allergy thing, and they know that they can;t have nutella,the main one with us is the tomato allergy, everything has tomato in it, he can't have tomatoes, sauce,pizza,baked beans/spaghetti,lasagne.. the list is endless, I have to check everything and then recheck, it can be very tiresome, but we just have to do it.


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      Originally posted by missie_mack
      Thanks for the info. I have double checked the Epi Pen Jnr paperwork and it does say 15kg

      [/LIST]The paed did prescribe andrenaline ampoules for use in a needle and syringe but childcare centres are unable to administer it should there be a issue When the discussion about using adrenaline the concern was about overdosing because of his asthma issues so perhaps that is why we are waiting for the 15kg mark? Meanwhile my itty bitty boy should hopefully put on some weight soon as he has been put on protein shakes to help him beef up
      Knock on wood we hasn't had a anaphylactic episode since he was diagnosed and we are still living in hope (or perhaps denial ) that he will grow out of it.

      Really we are extremely fortunate that this is the only allergy relating to food that he has. I think life is difficult enough without having multiple food allergies.... the compounding issues we already experience in playgroup, parties and group situations are difficult enough to deal with. I applaud anyone who is able to deal with any allergy successfully and have been able to get outsiders to respect and understand the issue Who ever knew it would be this damn hard and people would be so blaze' or ignorant about it
      Sorry to drag this thread up again but I went to an epi pen training session yesterday at our hospital. The anaphylactic nurse clearly stated that the epi pen junior is for children from 10kg. I know your paperwork states otherwise but maybe it is outdated? The anaphylactic nurse has only been available for a few months so her training and info. is up to date (or one would like to think so anyway). I guess I just find it strange that you're the only one on this thread that is being made to wait until your child reaches 15kg. DD1 is almost three and she still doesn't weigh 15kg, and won't for a good while most probably. We have known that she is anaphylactic for two years now and after her having a reaction a couple of months ago that had us ringing 000 and spending 4 hours in hospital I am eternally grateful that we had the epi pen available (even though we didn't use it.)

      The only thing said about asthma was that if a child had both then if they were having an anapyhlactic reaction it could also trigger an asthma attack so both the epi pen and asthma medication should be carried everywhere JIC.

      The nurse also went on to state that we were the lucky ones, because our doctors had prescribed us with epi pens. She said there are still a lot of doctors out there who don't prescribe an epi pen for whatever reason and that that then leaves the parents totally unprepared if a reaction does occur.


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        Have been quite surprised about epipen and weights of kids. In fact next time I'm at paed's will ask. At no point has anyone even suggested to me that if I give DD a shot it would be an overdose. And she has had it since she's 8 months old. ( Can't remember how much she weighed then - but she's only 13 kg at 3 years.) And she has been prescribed the epipen by 4 different specialists ( each one checked to make sure I had one!)

        Having said all that I know if it came to it I would inject her - but great to know about the overdose possibility - though if it is 10 kg - then no problems now!

        Also checked the teddy bikkies from Safeway ( haven't had a chance to see the Coles ones - they were dairy free to - though could contain traces.

        I always waver on the could contain traces label! Some days I just rule that food out - other days I think what are the chances - the company are just using it to protect themselves! One allergy doctor told me not to worry about the may contain traces statement. Then you read everything else about allergies and you think - was he wrong??? The best explanation I read about it was - it would depend on the batch if you got the first batch that came out after a nut food, for example then it would probably contain traces, but later batches wouldn't A bit like roulette.

        But then we do take chances each day. Is it like going out on the road- you wouldn't purposely step in front of a car - but it is a risk as soon as you take a step on the road that a car could hit you. do you avoid going out just in case?? Love to know what others think.


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          My DS1 has just been given an epipen jr for suspected allergy to raw egg. He's also never had any contact with peanuts so we are also avoiding them until we can see a paed allergist ... in OCTOBER 2009!!! That is literally the earliest we can get in anywhere in Brisbane!

          Basically he had some tartare sauce a few weeks ago and had significant periorbital swelling, swelling on his cheeks and a very slight audible wheeze (I think if I weren't a children's nurse and didn't know what to listen/look for we wouldn't have picked the wheeze up - but glad we did!). I gave him some phenergan and it settled right down, I didn't think much more about it.

          Saw the paed yesterday who scared the **** out of me and gave us the epipen. He said it's likely he was allergic to the raw egg in the mayo used to make the tartare sauce, even though he's had cooked egg in the past with no obvious issues. Needless to say we are avoiding all egg products from now on!

          DS1 starts a new daycare tomorrow and when I spoke to them about it they were really good, all of his group leaders have been epipen trained and the centre is peanut free, which is a big relief!

          It's nice to know that there are other families out there going through the same thing, it's really scary to be confronted with. Hopefully we will never have to use the epipen, but I'm so glad we've got it just in case. LIke the paed said, he would rather give us one just in case rather than not give us on, DS have a reaction and know that we could have done something about it.


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            Wow you guys all have so much information!!

            I have anaphylaxtic reactions, I had all testing and they cannot work out what I am allergic too, have just said that it must be a combination of things reacting with eachother within a few weeks!!! lots of fun not knowing what to avoid....

            But was wondering as you all seem to know alot more than me, does anyone know if my allergy will pass on to my baby, he is just 7 weeks now so still solely breastfed but I am curious to know if its a genetic thing at all, or if me having a mild reaction while breastfeeding him could have any effect at all?

            Most of my reactions now are quite small and handled with Phenergon, they didnt start until my 23rd birthday (im 28 now) though and I have been brought back to life twice, but the last one was about 3 years ago so feeling fairly outgrown from anything serious


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              Hi - what a relief to find you all!

              My DS (3) has peanut, egg and milk anaphylaxis. He starts kindy next January and I am terrified even though the school is really on the ball.

              I know what you all mean about other people making food. I am so relieved to read the posts and see that I am not being ridiculously overprotective in the measures we take to keep him safe. Sanity at last.

              We are currently trying to train him to ask "Is this safe for me to eat" before he eats anything - a wonderful suggestion from another bub hub lady.

              I am due to have baby number 3 in 5 weeks and my greatest concern is leaving P home with someone else. I just worry that no one watches him as closely as I do. (I am all for the early discharge programme!)

              ALso to the poster who had trouble with cakes - I use a butter cake recipe and substitute the egg with banana, butter with nuttelex and milk with soy milk and have never had a disaster yet! It is a little moister than egg, but still tastes ok.

              I puree the banana and add it into the caster sugar and nuttelex. I have found that by doing cup cakes rather than a sponge tin cake it is slightly more successful, but last birthday we had a good result. Means everyone gets banana cake for birthdays at our house but hey!

              My FIL bought some Ogran Egg replacer for me the other day and I plan to try that out soon...I shall let you know how it goes.


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                Wow I am so happy to find this thread.. I am yet to see another child IRL with an epi-pen.

                I am very thankful for the way I found out my DS2 was allergic and had anaphylaxis. We are very keen 4WD so this could have happened any where.. I shudder to think!

                DH was out mowing the lawn one day.. DS1 was asleep, I was pregnant with DS3.. I took DS2 outside with me to do some gardening. He ran up to touch the fuel tin. I said No and put it on top of the rubbish bin. He chucked himself on the ground and started to scream.

                He was bitten 6 times on his lower legs by ants.

                Within 10mins he was covered in hives, his eyes were swollen shut, he had a heavy rattle to his breathing, he keeped coughing to try and clear his throat.. the biggest hive he had was wrapped around his throat!

                From the bite till when he arrived at emergency was no more then 15mins. I was told by the head Dr that if I had of left it 10mins more I would have been saying goodbye to my son!

                This happened early this year.. I was that upset I have wiped the date from my mind.. but since then he has never had another attack!

                Our pedi informed us that because of how badly Noah reacted IF there is a next time it could only be one bite and that one bite could still take his life!

                I am yet to have him tested for anything else. He has tried every food under the sun but seafood. He has bad asthma though!

                The day he had that attack still brings tears to my eyes.. I have never felt so useless as a mother.. there was nothing I could do to ease his discomfort but try an hug him and tell him he was going to be OK.. he was two and the look in his eyes was pure fear and confusion!


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                  Originally posted by aalia View Post
                  I have been brought back to life twice, but the last one was about 3 years ago so feeling fairly outgrown from anything serious
                  Ok, hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you had a reaction like that at your age it's very unlikely if not impossible for you to have outgrown it. You've just been really lucky to not have contact with the allegen like that since.

                  Please do get your doctor to try again to find out what you are allergic to.

                  Now as for your baby, you cant "catch" an allergy so breastfeeding is not a problem and if you were to have a reaction while breastfeeding technically there wouldnt really be any problem for your baby. I would howver check that phenergan or whatever you take is ok while breastfeeding?


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                    Originally posted by k2ma View Post

                    We are currently trying to train him to ask "Is this safe for me to eat" before he eats anything - a wonderful suggestion from another bub hub lady.
                    My daughter asks "does this have nuts in it?" and she knows that if the answer is yes... no matter how yummy it looks.... she cant have any and we've never had any problems.


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                      Originally posted by Mumma2three View Post

                      The day he had that attack still brings tears to my eyes.. I have never felt so useless as a mother.. there was nothing I could do to ease his discomfort but try an hug him and tell him he was going to be OK.. he was two and the look in his eyes was pure fear and confusion!
                      it's horrible to see isnt it? My daughters reaction was slower, probably over 30 mins or so but the end result was trouble breathing and her eyes rolling around and losing conciousness. My DD was 4yo and it was xmas eve and it was my mums "famous" slice that did it to her LOL. I'll never forget THAT date Thankfully though in 2 years she hasnt had even one tiny little reaction.... she's due to go back for re-testing to see if they have improved or what.


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                        My Poor DS has anaphalaxis to tree nuts and sesame. Sesame is really bad. He went in for his challenge 2 weeks ago and had one sesame seed. MY GOD! Within 2 minutes he was out and bright red all over his body and face with hives. He still has huge welts all over him.

                        My DS has had his epi pen since he was 5 months old. He was 8kgs then. He gets to get a big boys pen soon. He is over 17kgs now.

                        We are trouble trying to find schools for him at the moment. Lots of schools have a 3 year waiting list so we have to get on them now.

                        He is also allergic to Kiwi fruit, stone fruit, poppy seeds, and Milk protein.

                        His first true anaphalaxis reaction was when i went shopping. We walked through a food court and BOOM! he reacted to the sesame in the air from the chinese stall. He also reacts to others when they eat it so i dont let him play with other kids unless i know everything that they have eaten.