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1 year old re-test

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  • 1 year old re-test

    Hi people,

    We took DD back to the allergist today for her 1 year SPT and it looks like her reaction to peanuts has settled down a huge amount. That said, she is now reacting mildly to dust mites, cat, milk and soy, but had a massive reaction to egg, so we're on a bit of a merry-go-round. Very glad I didn't give her any cake on her birthday last weekend!!

    Anyway, she weighs just over 8kg, so we got the script for an epi pen, so at least now we have that as backup. Also, the allergist said that kids are more likely to grow out of egg or milk allergies than peanut anyway, so while it might be difficult to manage for a while, there is a greater chance she'll be ok by school age.

    In the meantime, because of her previous reaction to peanut, despite this SPT showing a very mild reaction, she is still considered to have a 'nut profile' reaction, so her management plan is for both egg and nuts. We've been so hyper vigilant about keeping her and us away from nuts completely - I wonder if that has helped - giving her little immune system some time to develop a bit more?

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    Hi Supergirl
    Sorry to hear about increased allergies. I have read that allergy prone bubs peak at 12-18 months with the number of allergies they have so maybe you're there now and it will get better from here.
    Just have to keep battling
    Best of luck