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allergy testing and breast feeding

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  • allergy testing and breast feeding

    we are waiting to have my 4 month old allergy tested, for three days after her vaccinations she was screaming and restless an had a big rash along qwith her eczema flaring up.

    I breast feed her and I'd also eaten peanut butter and tried a few patch tests of eczema creams on her so I don't know exactly what the flare up was caused by. She also gets bad wind and reflux.

    Anyway, my question is does the allergy test hurt babies or is it bearable and secondly can what I eat really effect her that badly? I've checked out the allergy facts websiter that say its possible but thats all they mention about it.

    What is your experience?

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    I haven't had any of my boys done, but I am looking into to getting my DS1 done - once again he has come up with an allergy reaction - so I will be keeping an eye on this thread.

    Can I ask what web site you looked at?

    Sorry I am not any help.


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      The SPT (skin pri*k test) is not painful, just a little irritating. They literally just drag a sterile needle very lightly across the top of the skin, barely breaking the surface (DD has done far worse to herself scratching or just basically thrashing around).

      The foods you eat can definitely affect bub. All foods and medications pass through your milk in some concentration. As an example, I ate a thai beef salad after scraping all the peanuts off the top and BF DD about 2 hrs later. Within about 15 mins, her little face and body was covered in a rash. The dish was a home cooked one at a dinner party, not cooked with peanut oil and the nuts were just sprinkled on top, not cooked in with the dish.

      Consequently, I still eat a somewhat restricted diet - no nuts whatsoever and I've found that DD has reacted a little when I've eaten eggplant and a few other things. I am extremely cautious with take aways. Her solids are still pretty boring at 10mths, so I am always looking for new low allergenic things for her to try.

      We had DD SPT'd at about 4mths and it was a blessing to find out about her allergy to nuts that way. We're peanut butter lovers too and though I didn't eat any while preg, I did after she was born. Her milk rash lasted much longer than the usual 3wks to 7wks and seemed to spread, which was when we knew something was wrong. Several doctors and CHNs consulted said she just had very dry skin. Finally we found a GP who has a lot of paed experience and she said it was definitely eczema, then sent us off to a paed allergist, who diagnosed her with anaphylaxis to peanuts.

      We have to avoid all nuts, as she won't have a full nut screen until she is one and most nuts are processed in the same plant anyway, so traces of peanuts are found with most others. We can't get an epi pen for her until she weighs 10kg, so like I said, it is a blessing to find out early and just avoid the problem, until such a time as we can teach her to manage her own allergy.

      If you want to pm me, feel free. Good luck getting in for a SPT - don't go to a pathology lab for one though. They are supposedly a bit unreliable in their methods, though I don't know that for sure, it is better to have it done through an allergist (and preferably a paediatric one) if you can. Wait lists can be over a year long for some - ours was, but we got in sooner due to the severity and widespread extent of DD's eczema, which is literally all over her body, from head to toe and in between the webbing of her fingers and toes.

      It is a heartbreaking condition, as there is so little you can do to help, but check out the eczema thread too, as there is some great info there on how to keep things under control.

      We now use hydrocortisone, some elidel, zyrtec liquid and a variety of QV and Dermaveen products to keep things under control. Not sure where you live, but we're thankful that summer is on its way, as the humidity seems to help - it keeps the skin moist.


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        jkate check out the website on the top of this section

        thanks youngones for all that I hang out in the eczema threads alot. I saw my GP today for some more elidel - she first flared up when she was 2 months old - and I asked if the specialist would see us any quicker but gp said no because she didn't react with swelling to the peanut but she said its only a few weeks wait not months thankgod. He is at a hospital and she said he was an allergist so I think that is good.

        We too use qv kids balm but I tried the bath oil and she flared up in only lukewarm water. And zantac for her reflux. I'm sure the reflux and food allergy are related. can't wait to find out what she's allergic to.

        Does your little one get belly aches & wind or reflux?

        That must have been a life saver for you to find out about the nuts so early, imagine if you did when she ate peanuts herself! I can imagine how careful you are since you can't use an epipen yet. maybe the traces of nut were on your hands too?

        Poor little Lilly having eczema so badly! Neve's flared up over her eye at first but after diagnosis has only since been on her legs, chest and eyelids if its really bad.

        I didn't realise that what I eat comes through so quickly. I thought it was 8 to 10 hours later because I'd have to digest it.

        Good luck with the low allergenic diet. I asked my GP if I should go on one but she said its very boring and I'd have to take supplements so its best to wait till we get the test first.

        Is Lilly allergic to anyting else? I have hayfever, is that what she takes Zyrtec for? Neve sneezes alot but the Gp said we can't test for asthma till she is 1 and if she had asthma she'd sneeze and cough all the time. She currently coughs occasionally but sneezes regularly and wheezes in her sleep. GP said its probably just a respiratory sound because she doesn't do it when shes awake. I elevate her bed too. I wasn't happy that I have to wait till 1 year old to test for that.


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          I love the name Neve!

          A few things quickly:

          Not to be down on your GP, but allergy, asthma and eczema should be taken seriously. Night time is when chronic asthma sufferers have the worst symptoms, so I'd be she has asthma. I work in the medical industry and am all for shopping around for a doctor who listens. We often spend more time looking for a good hairdresser...

          Try a vapouriser in her room in the meantime. Great to use with eucalyptus inhalant when they are stuffed up with a cold, but use with plain water to keep the air humid (esp if you use an air conditioner). Eczema and asthma are much the same thing. The aim for eczema is to keep the skin moist and the same with the resp system for asthma. The steam will help her at night.

          The zyrtec is mainly for Lily's skin - it helps to reduce redness and itching. We notice it if we miss a dose. It was 'prescribed' by the allergist. 1 1/5 ml twice a day until 8mth or 8kg, then 2ml twice a day until 14kg, then follow the directions on the bottle, but only under medical advice. Zyrtec used between 6 and 9mths can reduce the incidence of developing asthma significantly. I trust this guy, as he is well respected in his field and totally up to date with the latest research.

          With solids, I only give Lily a taste of new foods (with the phone in my lap) in the morning for 5 days, then I know it is safe. She now eats a huge range of fruit and vege including stuff like rhubarb, bluberry and blackcurrant (I got bored with pear and apple). All her stuff I prepare fresh then freeze. She gets almost no jar or tin stuff, as I don't trust the ingredients.

          We avoid tomato, banana, citrus, kiwi and strawberry, as they are high in natural amines and Lily reacted strongly to histamine in her SPT. I make all our bread (using a breadmaker, but my own recipe, not packet mix), ice cream, cakes, biscuits etc and we have blackbanned packet mixes and store bought anything (very hard with well meaning relatives).

          No belly aches or lots of wind that I'm aware of, but I have seen a child have an anaphylactic reaction and it is something I never want to see Lily go through. We have a lot of incidental contact exposure, which just causes her eczema to flare up, but so far, she hasn't actually consumed any nuts or nut traces.

          DH and I both have asthma and some hayfever, so Lily is pretty much doomed. However, we were stunned to find out about her nut allergy. Daycare is a challenge, as there are always people who think they shouldn't have to change their habit, just for one kid. I just ask if they'd be happy for me to send her to daycare with a loaded gun, as a peanut butter sandwich is just as dangerous to her as a loaded gun would be to their kid and that usually shuts them up!!

          Good luck with everything. This and the eczema thread are great sources of info and I haunt them regularly. It is a bumpy road, but one well traveled, so you won't be alone .


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            thanks for your reply supergirl

            I think I will ask the specialist on his opinion on the asthma and if he can't help me or thinks there is a problem I will see a 2nd GP. Thanks for backing up my concern, its not something I think should be taken lightly.

            The only history in our family is myself with hayfever and my mum has sensitive skin.

            My husband is salicylate intolerant so I know where you are coming from with the amines thing. Its difficult to get family to understand why he can't eat certain things and they still bring over softdrink with
            preservatives in it and think I'm just being finiky. I hope Neve doesn't have it too.
            I think it would be wise for me to do the same thing when we do solids in a few months.

            I bought a vapouriser in winter when she had a stuffy nose but haven't used it since, I've put it back on tonight. It says to use a cleaning tablet every time but it smells! I hope its not harming her. I'm such a worry wart.

            I like your answer to the peanut critics, if it were their child they'd be just the same.

            I will see you around the threads and keep asking questions to you too. I'm so glad I joined bubhub all those months ago.


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              Hey there

              We got tested and Neve is allergy free!! yayyyy!!!!

              She's now 5 months so I've bought some farax in preparation to start introducting solids.

              She's also been getting bowen therapy and her eczema is virtually non existent and reflux is great, well its hard to tell with the medication but she's easier to settle and doesn't get half as bloated and windy. Its a holistic thing similar to accupressure but for babies they do it very lightly, it encourages the body to heal itself. if you are interested let me know and I'll send you a link. they don't really charge for babies because it only takes a few minutes to do.

              next issue - she's teething! ouch


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                Liz - that's wonderful news! I haven't been in here for a while - busy with other threads, but I'm really pleased for you.

                I would definitely be interested in that link if you can send it.


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                  hi youngones I know what you mean, I keep slipping behind in the threads I'm trying to keep on too.

                  If you just do a google search for bowen therapy you will get lots of info. thats all I ended up looking at then visiting my local physiotherapist who was listed as doing bowen therapy in the phonebook.

                  her eczema is still gone except for atm it seems to flare up with the ricecereal but the bowen made so much difference