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  • Epi Pen Question


    I posted this same question in the allergies and intolerances section, but having read the threads in here it might be better placed here. It is a little paranoid - but with these things one can never be too careful.

    Our Epi Pen Jr was placed in the fridge for 3 hours today. I was a bit upset about it and am concerned as I read on the box that it should not be in the fridge as exposure to temperatures below 15 degrees may cause the unit to be unreliable...can anyone tell me if this extremely annoying stint in the fridge will have rendered the epi pen useless?


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    it wont be useless it will just less affective the best thing i to get a new one my DS has a reaction to anything orange and i have put a sticker on the container dont put me in the fridge i dont like it there its too cold.


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      I asked my sister who has used one for her son for the last 2 years, and she said with something like that it is better to be safe than sorry, and to get another one. It is also better to have more than one, because if the child has a reaction, it is easy for the parents to panick, and waste too much time looking for the pen. One in the childs bag, one in the Kitchen, and one at school or kinder is wise. Goodluck with your little man, hope you never need to use it.


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        Thank you - I spoke to the pharmacist today and they said that it is to do with the viscosity of the I will make an appointment with the dr to request a new one...thank you so much for your advice ladies.