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SPT welt size?

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  • SPT welt size?

    Hi there,
    Just a quick question for you all. When you say you childs SPT was for example 22mm, where do you get that measurement from. Sorry if I sound stupid but my sons reactions are measured 10mm x 13mm for example, we go to RPA, is it measured differently at different places.
    We are going back next week for more SPT, I hope he is starting to outgrow some of them.
    Cheers Karen
    My son is 16 months and is allergic to Dairy, Eggs, Nuts & Lupin.

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    Hi Karen, we went to an allergist and they used a card sheet that had different size holes punched in it and just moved it up DDs arm until they found a hole that fit the size of her welts.

    They also told us that the size of her peanut welt was "indicative of a significant anaphylactic reaction upon ingestion", but that was all.

    Good luck with the next test. We will have another one done when DD is closer to one.


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      My DS welt to peanuts was 22mm. They used a ruler to measure it.
      He is also allergic to dairy, eggs, tuna, dust mites to name a few. His dariy and egg have come down slighty so I am hopibng he will grow out of them.
      Good luck and I hope your DS grows out of his allergies.
      BTW...welcome to bub hub