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  • Eye issue

    Hello friends....
    My 5 yr old is in prep... and from school routine check up i get to know that his eyes developed myopia.
    I am very concerned now. Though he watched ipad a lot and he is fussy too in eating. I went to doctor and he tested his eyes too.. he have got glasses number 1.25.
    I asked the doctor too for how long he have to go with it... they said may be for whole life or few years.. it depends probably

    Can you guys tell me if someone experience the same and get rid of it...
    what to give him to eat?
    What activities or exercise of eyes do i need him to do?
    Do i avoid giving him ipad totally? Pls help

    Thanks heaps

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    Myopia can be caused from spending too much time focusing on objects close up (ie iPad). But it can also be genetic etc so it may not have been the iPad watching that caused the issue. I'd limit iPad time (and break it up - not allow more than 15-20 mins at a time) and see how he goes. He needs to focus on objects in the distance in these breaks. Maybe go for a walk in the backyard and point out the trees or something.

    I developed myopia after spending a year pretty much glued to a microscope [emoji19]


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      So how it goes now? U improved or is still worse?