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Hypothyroidism help.

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  • Hypothyroidism help.

    Hi all.

    My son has hypothyroidism (non functioning thyroid gland) and take daily medication for it (thyroxine) we have tests every 3 months and although on the medication daily his levels are still low so our endocrinologist said she is going to add some vitamin C tablets in the morning to help with reabsorption for his thyroxine.
    Apprently there has been a lot of studies done on this and my son's endo has been to a conference that mentioned this to help.

    Has anyone done this and has it helped

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    I have hashimotos disease and my thyroid is not functional at all. I don't take vitamin C but I will definitely look into it because even on daily thyroxine I still have the symptoms.

    It's one of those that things that when you have it under control you don't notice any symptoms but if your levels are even a small amount out of whack your symptoms can go crazy!


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      My daughter was diagnosed with Hasimotos hypothyroid when she was 10, probably had it a few years before. It took a good 2 years to get her levels stable. We see a pediatric endo 2x a year - I will mention the vitamin c at the next appointment and see what she says.


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        Thanks ladies.

        It's really weird my son doesn't display any symptoms no weigh gain thick hair energetic as anything sleeps well though is on melatonin for other reasons.

        It's really weird because my son's levels have been fluctuating for a while now and he have keep upping his dose but hasn't done much but you can't see it in him that he is low it's so weird.


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          I had graves diseases and have had a total thyroidectomy so I am on daily thyroxine too. I'm sure someone has probably mentioned this already, but does your son have his thyroxine on an empty stomach? Certain foods etc can inhibit absorption too. I used to take mine with milk and my levels were terrible, and my pharmacist told me that dairy is a big one for inhibiting absorption so I stopped and haven't had any problems since.


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            Does he take other vitamins/minerals such as iodine? You can test iodine through pee, it's a simple one but can really affect thyroid function and support


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              Yes my son has to wait half an hour to an hour for breakfast sometimes it's a bit more tricky when he is hungry but try to hold off as long as we can.
              We have tried to do the throxine at night to see if there were any changes but there wasn't.

              No my son isn't on anything never heard of iodine.
              My son had a pee test just the other month and came back clear