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    I just wanted to start this thread as a support & discussion thread for parents of IUGR babies (prem or fullterm) as there isnt alot of indepth info out there, and Im sure many of us will benefit & learn from peoples experiences & knowledge here on Bubhub

    tell us about your baby/s

    ETA - i have just been told I am able to share this LINK it has some awesome stuff
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    Hey great idea

    Well my little boy was born almost two years ago at twenty nine weeks and six days gestation (29+6), he weighed 845g which is small for that gestation, he had the classic head sparing IUGR so his head was big compared to his body.

    He was IUGR due to restricted placental flow, I had PE and HELLP syndrome and he also had cord compression a foetal distress, there was low fluid (ogliohydramos) and he was basicly a miracle.

    We was TPN fed at birth as his GI system (tummy) was too immature to tolerate feeds, we then gradually progressed to trying to get him to tolerate 1/2 a ml of EBM down his OG tube (feeding tube in the mouth to the tummy) for a while he did not tolerate the milk feeds but eventually he did.

    He spent 10 weeks in hospital before his first dicharge and was NG tube fed for about 8 of those 10 weeks.

    He had an NG tube on and of until he was about 6 months old and he was in and out of hospital after his initial discharge also due to his respiritory and feeding problems.

    He was diagnosed with severe reflux and put on omeprazole to help with that.

    He has always been in the underweight/FTT catagory and kept the IUGR big head .

    He was put on pediasure a few months ago to help his weight gain, that worked for a while but his weight has now leveled out so they want him to go on a 1.5 cal per ml hospital type formula, we should get it delivered in about 6 days time .

    DS neonatologists and paediatricians have informed me that because his IUGR started so early in pregnancy his long term growth capacity is reduced and he will never reach average height/weight.

    And that's us .


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      Good Idea!

      My DS is 10 days old today. He was born at 38+5 weeks gestation but only weighed 2.1kg (4lb14oz). We were unaware throughout the whole pregnancy that he was small and at birth diagnosed with IUGR. Besides being small for dates, he (thank god) doesn't have any other anatomical problems.

      For the first 48 hours he was in a humidicrib as he was unable to control his temperature. He also had very low blood sugar levels as he would not suck when encouraged to feed. So he had a NG tube inserted on day 1 and was being fed colostrum which I expressed for him. The tube stayed in for 6 days and throughout that time we gradually introduced BF. On day 4 we tried BF once a day, day 5 twice a day and day 6 every 2nd feed was BF. On day 7 the tube was removed as the paediatrician was confident that DS would do well at the breast. He was right. We had a full day of BF and DS did really well - he still has problems attaching and staying on but we're working on that slowly and things are going well. We are now at home and I'm just getting used to being a mummy!!!

      That's us


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        10 day old IUGR baby girl

        Our baby girl is 10 days old today. She was born at 34 weeks gestation, but only 985 grams. Early in the pregnancy things seemed to be going well. We had monthly ultrasounds, as our previous baby was born at 2.3kg (full term). At the 26 week ultrasound we noticed that the baby had slipped just below average, but at that point we didn't really worry.

        At 30 weeks, however, the baby was only ~900 grams, according to the ultrasound, so was measuring about 4 weeks late. We were told to do some blood tests, and then come back 2 weeks later. Blood tests turned out fine, but the ultrasound at 32 weeks showed the baby was still around 900 grams.

        We went to another doctor for a second opinion, and this time started to get some better answers. We were told the baby was small due to placenta insufficiency. There were no other issues, such as pre-eclamsia, etc. It was just a matter of the placenta not being able to send enough nutrients to the baby.

        I then had complete bed rest for two weeks, but one day I just started bleeding. The cause of this bleeding is still not clear, but to us it was just a sign that we couldn't wait any longer. We rushed to the hospital and had a c-section about an hour later.

        The baby was on a respirator for the first day and a half, and had surfactant to help the lungs. For the first week she put on weight each day, but it turns out this was mostly due to swelling of the arms and legs. After getting some medicine to control the swelling, yesterday she came down to 980 grams (below where she started).

        Other than this, everything is going as good as it can in this situation. The doctors say there are still some risks for her long-term health. It would be great to hear if anyone else on this forum has had any similar experiences and how their kids did in the long run.


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          hope4mum - I'm sorry that you're experiencing such a tough time at the moment. It's great to hear your positive attitude though! I'm sure your bubs will be doing fine in no time. Babies are really resiliant little things and with the amazing care available to us in this day and age we can expect much better outcomes

          I hope he keeps gaining weight quickly and that you and your family are coping


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            oh hope4mum, my thoughts are with you at this time. I hope things improve - keep us posted


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              Hi All, thanks for the wishes.

              As of today, our daughter is still in the NICU, but basically just for the IV line and observation. She's drinking 5cc of breastmilk every 2 hours, and each day they increase this amount (she started on 0.5cc, twice per day!).

              Her weight today is back up to 1100 grams, but again, this is mostly swelling on her legs.

              Once again, thanks for all the support.


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                DS1 was 35wks and 1705gms
                I had a healthy pregnancy he started to slow down from about 25wks and
                I was on fortnightly scans from then but he was healthy
                then at 35wks I went into labour and was diagnosed with PE.

                he spent 5wks in SCN and came home at 2.3kgs
                his been healthy and has always been small
                7.2kgs at 12mths (naked)
                9.6kgs at 2yrs and (naked)
                10.9kgs at 3yrs (naked)
                recently been weight at 3yrs 3mths and had had a huge growth spurt and was 12.2kgs clothed

                between 12-18mth he went through heaps of testing for failure to thrive,
                to see if they could find a cause all test came back good
                had a bone age scan done (he bones where the size of a 3-6mths old),
                in the end we where told he had constitutional growth delay and
                he most likely has Russell Silver Syndrome
                (they arnt 100% sure as genetic testing came back normal but it does in some cases)

                but other than his growth issues he has been healthy did everything relatively on target
                he did have a mild speech delay which he has court up with.
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                  anyone want to share some pics of their special bubba's??
                  here are a few of DS when he was born

                  & here
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                    Photos of our daughter aged 2 weeks

                    Here are some photos of our daughter, aged two weeks and now at 1160 grams. Hope the links work.
                    Photo 1
                    Photo 2


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                      Originally posted by hope4mum View Post
                      Here are some photos of our daughter, aged two weeks and now at 1160 grams. Hope the links work.
                      Photo 1
                      Photo 2

                      awwwww she is Adorabubble
                      such a strong lil thing, congrats to you


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                        I would ahve loved to have this thread when my dd was dx IUGR- good on you for starting it

                        My dd's birth story is linked in my signature but in a nutshell:

                        She grew normally until about 30 weeks, although I had been previously dx with placenta praevia and had issues with bleeding. At 32 weeks at my regular appointment with my ob he found that she had hardly grown. My fundal height had not changed in 4 weeks and neither had my weight. I was sent for ultrasounds which confirmed that she was small, although appeared healthya nd my placenta seemed ok.

                        between 32 and 35 weeks I had constant monitoring and requent scans, all that showed that she was small but slowly growing. At 35 weeks however a scxan showed that I ahd lost all my fluid and my placenta was basically conking out. (In laymans terms!) I was admitted to hospital immediately and she was delivered 2 days later when the feotal monitor indicated that she was in distress. She weighed 4lb 13oz, (approximately 32 weeks gestation.) Luckily as I'd been given steroids previously her lungs were good. She was in a humidicrib for 2 days ona glucose drip as her blood sugar was low and she had trouble keeping her body temp. (Common for low weight babies.) However, by the end of the week she was discharged with me weighing 2.08kg. (Yikes!) But she was healthy, feeding ok and the doctors were happy with her.

                        The first 6 months she was slow to gain weight but otherwise very healthy. feeding ws tough as she was slow to suck and the first 9 motnhs I gave her EBM top ups. Bloody exhausting!)

                        By 12 months she had caught up in her growth and was developing perfectly normally. She was still "little' but on the charta nd looked fine. (People were no longer stopping me in the street to comment on how tiny she was!)

                        She turned 2 at the end of April and the paed says her development is great- she is actually advanced in most areas and behind in none. She is a fesity little muppit and so bloody stubborn I have no doubts as to how she made it here! She is actually on the 100% for her height now and about the 70% for her weight so she is skinny but looks very healthy and well.

                        One thing the nurses told me when she was born and I was scared to death is this:
                        "babies that have already had to fight on the inside often come out very resillient. They have had to be tough and therefor come out fighting and stay fighting."

                        One worth remembering!

                        Best of luck to others in the same boat. I am sending lots and lots of and your way.


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                          Hunt & Deegs mummy, I just looked up Russell Silverman syndrome and DS has every single symptom on the checklist!

                          I am going to get onto the paed about this as it could explain so much.

                          Wow just cannot believe how many of those symptoms match up.


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                            great idea.

                            So heres our story.
                            My son Kaiden was born at 33 weeks weighing 1425 grams due to sever PE. He had stopped growing somewhere between 25-27 weeks. Kaiden spent his first 2 and a half weeks in an isolete and the first month of his life in the scbu. Hes now 3 months old and is doing amazingly well. He now weighs 3.7kgs and doesnt seem to have any development issues.

                            will post pics when i figure out how to


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                              ok hope this works

                              This is Kaiden 2 days after birth

                              and kaiden today (in his first 0000 suit)