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  • Epilepsy

    My 2yr neice has epilepsy and was over here yesterday visiting. She walked to close to the tv (before I could turn it off) and had a seizure. This is the 2nd time she has had one in front of my 5yr old and it terrified him. So does anyone know of any books etc aimed at young children that explain about epilepsy? I want to teach him what is going on and not to be scared by it in case it happens again.
    He loves playing with his little cousin so I want him to understand.

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    me, and my youngest have epilepsy and my eldest had seizures too so i have seen my fair share of neurologists lol. the only thing i can think of seeing is pamphlets at hospitals esp neurology departments that explain how to explain to kids about having seizures. i would just say to your son that its the electrcity in your neices head goes funny for a little while and it doesnt hurt her and she cant help it. and that once its over your neice maybe tired but otherwise fine


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      Thanks I will try that. I told him that sometimes she gets a little bit sick but that was the best I could come up with.. I had to get him to go out of the room yesterday as she bit her tongue and was close to choking on the blood.


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        Hi - I found this link which explains epilepsy in "childrens words".

        You could also try the epilepsy association in your state.

        The Childrens Hospitals usually have a book store with all sorts of great books aimed at educating other children about a particular condition. is also great for these type of books.