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Pro's and Con's Vaccination

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    2 good online videos/lectures

    this ones from the usa

    this one is australian


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      OMG! I just saw this thread!
      It's a godsend! Can't believe I was so blind, wondering where I could find good information about vaccination!
      Queen, you are a champion! And bloody organised may I say.


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        Great info, that should keep me busy for a while!


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          Thanks for this sticky, it has been very helpful.
          Thanks for all the great links SPC and The Queen and everyone else.

          I forgot about this thread and was just thinking "we should have a vaccine pro's and cons sticky"..So I went to see it there was one and there was.


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            thanks for these links

            i am however looking for a reputable australian article/site against immunisations: the ones listed here are what my hubby would call a bit 'povo' and lacking credibility...i havent looked through all of them, just the aussie domain ones.

            i am interested in delaying/not giving MMR and varecilla, but cant seem to find a reputable source to show hubby supporting my argument?


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              Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

              Not sure if we can add to this but just want to let people know that the above link which has been provided and makes for very alarming reading is actually riding off the back of the official US Gov VAERS web-site. This Medalert site is no way affiliated with VAERS and I recommend that people read the VAERS disclaimer first before reading anything else and then taking the information from the rest of the VAERS site itself :
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                informed choices

                It's one thing to be informed, it's another to know who and what is informing you. It seems anyone we quote on the pro and con debate is up for criticism from someone else. How do we then decide what we are going to believe?

                This question is bugging me and it also makes it a challenge figuring out what to believe.

                If anyone is interested the Dept of Health and Ageing have a journal available FREE. It's called Communicable Diseases Intelligence (CDI) and I assume it is written by people who should know.
                it is about communicable diseases and contains articles about such, also graphs etc.

                It may be worth picking through these journals and reading the articles regarding the childhood infectious diseases which are so much an issue in this bubhub forum.

                I have downloaded the last 12 years worth of journals and have begun reading relevant articles.

                I am interested in chatting with other people who, like me, want to read source materials, not just take others words for the vaccination debate.

                It seems to me the vaccination debate works on peoples fear regardless of the for or against position. Fear of infectious diseases and fear of adverse effects.

                If anyone is interested in exploring and discussing, not telling, discussing, in a logical manner, meaning lets stick to points and not get muddled by other points I would love to hear from you.


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                    Did anyone mention the Australian Vaccination Network?


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                      Quite a good article Re the debate here:


                      Written by Dr Andrew Gunn, a GP and senior lecturer at the University of Queensland's school of medicine.

                      While he is generally pro-vaccination, he has spoken out before on excessive prescriptions, questioned the value-for-money of HPV vaccines, and frankly spoken about medical treatment in general. His other articles are linked at the bottom of the page.
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                        Here is a little story about the government and why they need to ease up on Vaccine enforcements.

                        My now 5 year old. His name is Ryan and he is a beautiful soul who has not had such a beautiful life.

                        Diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor at 3 months old he endured 2 years of Chemotherapy. A very stressful time for both him and myself - I should also include his biological father who had a mental breakdown which forced us to separate through the ordeal.

                        During the 2 years we lived in and out of the hospital while his immune system took a constant crash. Things eased up around 3 years old when he finally showed some progress when taken off chemo and his body fought the tumor itself.

                        Now from the moment my son was born the government harassed me every time his vaccinations were due even though he was exempted - even AFTER the exemptions were filled out because there system is such a mess we would still end up in the pile of "Non-vaxers by choice"

                        Then the Exemptions run out and you need to fill in another and another.

                        Then a catch up plan is enforced once hes better - which the immunisation centre writes up for you and if you dont "catch up" on time - again your harrased with threats to cancel your ccb etc.

                        My CCB has been cancelled several times because of my non compliance because although my son is not on Chemo he is usually always too sick to have his needles when the catch up plan states.

                        So off we go to have a doctor fill out paperwork again to give us some time - AGAIN.

                        He has now CAUGHT up - but with every single needle he has been hospitalized expect for the tetanus shot.

                        He has been rushed in an Ambulance to the ER after the chicken pox needle.

                        I have had it all with these vaccines. Now while i do agree they could also save his life - I feel that they could have taken it as well.

                        No i have made all my sons medical decisions in his best interests freely - but not vaccinations.

                        In order for me to work and get our life back on track I need child care benefit. Which leads me to be forced into vaccinations that I'm not actually refusing - I just thought the timeline was ridiculous.

                        The government dont care about each childs individual circumstances - its too much paperwork. Instead they would rather bully people into having these needles.

                        I should also mention my son is now undergoing nueropsychology and rehab for other issues - poor motor skills, obsessive behaviour, high anxiety.

                        apparently not necessarily attributed to his brain tumor.

                        Theres a lot of suspected links between vaccinations and what they can do to the body - im no expert but my stomach tells me we dont know enough to put so many vaccines into our children so early

                        But you know what. My son is well and healthy and I guess I have the upside of saying he wont die of chicken pox in his lifetime